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How to Use Apple Audiobooks?

Many people love reading. People started reading in paperbacks, and that slowly evolved into digital versions. These digital versions have now begun to give a paperback feel with different brightness settings and eye care modes. Apple has gone to the past to bring back the old storytelling method to make reading more enjoyable. Yes, Apple Audiobooks reads the content for you. Play the book you want to read and sit back and relax. No more eye strains and no more swiping or scrolling pages. Here, we will tell you how to buy, download, and use Apple Audiobooks.


Steps to find and buy Audiobooks on your iPhone

  • Open the Apple Books app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the Audiobooks tab located at the bottom of your screen.
  • You can find new and featured audiobooks on this page.
  • To explore all genres and book store sections, tap Browse Section at the top of the screen. Use the search tab to find specific audiobooks.
  • Tap the Price option to buy the audiobook.

Steps to find and buy Audiobooks on your Mac

  • Open the Apple Books app on your Mac.
  • Just below the Apple Books tab, you can find the Audiobook Store section. Select it to open.
  • Choose the Browse Section drop-down menu to find all genres.
  • You will also find the search tab just above the Apple Books tab. Use this search field to find a specific audiobook.
  • If you are impressed with any audiobook, you can buy it by selecting the Price option.

For some audiobooks, you can find supplemental PDFs called digital booklets. So, if you want to read them by yourself, you can use the PDF.

Let’s play with the controls now

Open the Audiobook app on your iphone or Mac. You can pick your audiobook from the Reading Now section. Or, go to the Library section and tap the Audiobooks collection. Pick one and start listening.

  • To skip forward or back, touch and hold the rounded arrows or slide and hold the book cover.
  • To speed up or slow the reading pace, tap the playback speed in the lower-left corner to choose a different pace.
  • Tap the Sleep option in the bottom corner to set a sleep timer.
  • Tap the menu icon in the lower-right corner to select a chapter.
  • Drag the playhead located below the audiobook cover to go to a specific time.

So, these are the basic control operations that can help you. We have explained how to find and buy Apple Audiobooks and the steps to use the controls of Apple Audiobooks. Now, you can enjoy reading in a new way.


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