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How to use an HP Sprocket?

To know how to use an HP Sprocket, understand the below-given procedure. You cannot start working with your Sprocket printer unless you make a basic setup. You need to connect the Sprocket to your personal device. Once the installation is finished, you can print pictures from your camera or social media site over your smartphone.

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How to use an HP Sprocket

Easy Guidelines For Use an HP Sprocket Printer

The simple and quick steps to start with the HP Sprocket Photo Printer

  1. Download the HP Sprocket companion app from the respective store.
  2. Make use of the device’s NFC feature to establish the connection directly.
  3. Insert the USB cable into the Sprocket to charge it.
  4. Press & hold the Power button to power up the Sprocket.
  5. Slide the top cover forward so that the paper output slot will be visible.
  6. Arrange the HP ZINK Sticky Backed Photo paper into the Sprocket.
  7. Pair it with your Android or iOS hand device.
  8. Open the image gallery and pick the photos to print.

A brief explanation on how to use the HP Sprocket Photo printer

  • The package of the HP Sprocket includes a Sprocket printer, setup card, HP Zink Sticky Baked Photo paper, USB charging cable, and a managerial information sheet. To start working with the printer, download the Sprocket app.
  • The NFC feature of your phone can also be used to pair up with the printer. The Sprocket requires to be charged, and this can be done by inserting the micro-USB charging cable into it. The LED light turns Red on charging. It almost takes an hour for a full charge and the LED indicator to become green.
  • Press and hold the Power button of the printer to turn it on, and the LED turns white, indicating the ready state of the printer. Slide the top cover forward to remove it from the Paper Output slot.
  • The blue Smartsheet should be inserted before the photo sheet. Both the photo paper and the Smartsheet should be placed into the Paper Input Tray. Close the top cover, and it will click into its place. You have to pair your mobile device with the Sprocket printer.
  • Press and hold the Power button of the Sprocket for three seconds.
  • The LED indicator blinks white and remains solid intimating that the printer is in the active state. Turn on Bluetooth in your mobile or tablet and then launch the Sprocket app. Navigate the main menu in the upper left-hand corner of the app. Touch on Sprocket to pair the mobile device and the printer.
  • Your Android popup the Settings screen in which the You can find the list of active devices. Choose the HP Sprocket from the list to pair with the same. To print the photos, select the source from the main, e.g., Gallery. Browse the gallery by swiping it left and right. Edit, print or share the images using the Sprocket.
  • Tap on the Camera icon to take a picture. Preview the photo, edit it and tap on the Print icon to print the photo. You can instantly click an image and make a print of it using the HP Sprocket app. By reading the above-given explanation, you can quickly learn how to use the HP Sprocket Photo printer.
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