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How to Uninstall Quickbox?

Quickbox is a feature that helps to achieve easy application and management the application designed dashboard. It allows users to interact with their media. It is mainly developed to install and configure the files. It sets files directly from the dashboard. It knows how it is built and do all the things without any external commands. It supports a wide range of applications. It continually adds a new package installed on the dashboard with one click on the mouse. It is available as a wrapper for installing various applications on the system. It is connected to rTorrent. Reset the apache configurations for performing it. When you install Torrent, Quick box installs as well. To uninstall it, you need to delete all the settings. It is present on the srv/directory.

How to Uninstall Quickbox

You can find the Quickbox in the /usr/local/bin. Go through the steps below to uninstall the apps in the directory. It is a very simple process on How to Uninstall Quickbox.

Easy Guidelines For Uninstall Quickbox

Procedure to Uninstall Quickbox

  • Remove the dashboard aspect by removing the /srv/torrent/home directory.
  • Delete the etc/Quickbox directory.
  • Remove all the added Quickbox commands by deleting the usr/local.bin. Quick box directory.
  • Restore a default .bashrc file.
  • You need to replace the current Quickbox with a new one.
  • For any queries, How to Uninstall Quickbox you can contact our technical expert’s.
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