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How To Understand The Advantages Of Laser Printers?

Most of the printer users prefer a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer because of various advantages in using it. Below are the few advantages of laser printers. The main advantages of the laser printer are speed, precision, and economy.

Advantages Of Laser Printers


A laser printer does not require ink, instead, it uses the toner that consists of plastic and iron particles. These components are melted to print on the paper with heated rollers and it is named as fuser unit. Ink will dry up if you are not using the inkjet printer for a long time. But, the laser printer will work well even if it is left idle for a long duration.


Laser printers are expensive when compared to the inkjet printer. But, the operation cost of the laser printer is cheaper. It is because, we need to spend too much for the ink in the inkjet printer and it lasts for a short duration only. The toner powder used in the laser printer is cheap and it lasts long. Laser printers are suitable for small office-like environments. In earlier days, laser printers were too expensive. Now, it is affordable and can be used as a personal printer.

Waterproof Printing

Laser printers have the waterproof printing feature, which cannot be found in inkjet printers.

Print Quality

The print quality is much better when you print using the laser printer.


The laser printer can print at a higher speed and it is more accurate when compared to the inkjet printer. Ink spillage might occur when you print using the inkjet printer, whereas there will be no ink spillage issue in the laser printer. The laser beam has an unvarying diameter. This is the reason for the precise printing of the laser printer. Now we seen the advantages of laser printers.

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