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How To Turn Off Antivirus On Mac?

Turning off a third-party antivirus program is pretty straight-forward compared to that of a Windows OS. If you have an antivirus on a Windows computer, you have several options to uninstall it or to know how to turn off Antivirus on Mac. Whereas on Mac, you just have one simple procedure.

Follow the steps described below to uninstall antivirus on Mac.

For example- let us see the steps to uninstall Avira antivirus application on Mac.

  • Turn on the Mac computer after knowing how to turn off Antivirus on Mac.
  • Access the spotlight search, click the search icon on the top right corner of the menu bar.
  • An alternate method to open spotlight search is by pressing the command button + Space bar.
  • Type the name of the antivirus application(Avira) installed on your Mac computer.
  • The search result will show the antivirus application and the application icon.
  • Double-click the Avira antivirus application from the search result.
  • The Avira application will now open.
  • Click the Modules option on the left side of the pane and click the toggle switch to disable Real-time protection (the toggle switch will turn from green to gray).
how to turn off Antivirus on Mac

Follow the directions given to know how to turn off Antivirus on Mac or uninstall antivirus on Mac.

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