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How To Troubleshoot Tiscali Email Not Working Issue?

Don’t worry if your Tiscali email not working. The issue might have occurred due to various reasons. However, when you spot the exact cause, you can fix the problem efficiently. This article lists and describes the best solutions for you to fix the not working Tiscali email. Try out all the techniques and fix the issue in a few minutes.

How To Troubleshoot Tiscali Email Not Working

Check your Internet connection

  • If your Tiscali email is not working, you need to check your Internet’s stability.
  • In case your Internet connection is unstable, you need to fix it in the first place.
  • Once you have fixed your Internet’s stability, check whether Tiscali email works on your computer.
  • If the issue is not resolved yet, proceed with the following solutions.

Check the server settings of your Tiscali email

Server settings are responsible for incoming and outgoing emails. When your Tiscali email fails to work, you need to check whether you have configured your email account with the appropriate settings.

Incoming Server – IMAP

  • Incoming mail server: imap.tiscali.it
  • Port number: 993
  • Security: SSL/TLS
  • Username: Your complete email address
  • Password: Your Tiscali mail account’s password

Outgoing Server – SMTP

  • Outgoing mail server: smtp.tiscali.it
  • Port number: 465
  • Security: SSL/TLS
  • Username: Your complete email address
  • Password: Your Tiscali mail account’s password

Clear the browser’s cache

  • Cookies are pieces of information stored on browsers to enhance your browsing experience. They enable you to access the websites faster.
  • However, in some instances, these cookies can turn out to be a significant cause for most of the issues.
  • So, clear your browser’s cache and cookies and then check whether the issue is resolved.

Check your email

  • If you cannot send a specific mail, you need to check whether you have exceeded the size limit. Try sending a short email and check whether your Tiscali email is working.
  • In case you’re not receiving any mails from a specific address, check whether you have added that email address to the block list. In such cases, you need to manually unblock that sender.

Log out from your email account and log in back again. Sometimes, this procedure can help you fix most of the potential issues.

Update your browser

  • An outdated browser can be a potential reason behind the not working Tiscali email issue.
  • When your Tiscali email web page turns incompatible with your browser, you will probably end up in trouble.
  • So, update your web browser to the recent version and check whether the issue is resolved.
  • In case there is an issue with your default browser, you can go ahead to log in with a different browser.

Check your firewall and antivirus

  • In most instances, the firewall settings will stop your Tiscali email account from working.
  • In that case, you need to disable the settings temporarily.
  • Also, disable your antivirus software temporarily and check whether your issue is resolved.

Server error

  • Sometimes, the issue might be with the Tiscali server itself.
  • In those instances, you can’t do anything other than wait till the issue is fixed from the server end.

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