How To Troubleshoot Slow Printing?

  • When the print quality is high, your printer automatically starts printing slowly.
  • Printing in plain papers or draft can deliver faster prints.
  • If the Spool printing is enabled, the printer might slow down because it cannot handle too many things at once.
  • If the device does not have dedicated hardware, then that too adds up for slow printing.
  • Use a solid-state drive or SSD to speed up the things.
How To Troubleshoot Slow Printing

Easy Guidelines For Troubleshoot Slow Printing

What Causes Slow Printing?

  1. The can be various reason for slow printing. You cannot accurately pinpoint on one.
  2. Comparatively wired printers produce a print in less time compared to a wireless printer.
  3. The way the printer is networked also contribute to the performance of it.
  4. If the printer server becomes inefficient, they cause slow printing.
  5. Improving the efficiency of the printer server will resolve the printer issue.

What causes slow printing on the network?

  • The printers are networked through print servers, and the printer’s performance depends on the efficiency of the server.
  • The print servers are a single point network, and when it is loaded much, it lacks efficiency.
  • In large organizations, the central print server does all the job.
  • Network traffic is common when multiple users send the file at the same time.
  • Investing in local print servers can resolve the issue.
What causes slow printing on the network

Why printer is slow printing pdf files?

  • If the PDF files take time to print, you can use different printer drivers to print.
  • The PDF file is quite large in size comparing to a regular document, and this may result in slow printing.
  • If the PDF document contains high-quality images, then the printer takes times to print high-quality printouts.
  • Higher the quality slower the printing speed.
  • Install a PostScript driver and print PDFs through it.
  • You can also speed up by printing the PDF as an image.

How to troubleshoot slow printing?

The reason for slow printing cannot be because of one aspect. There can be several reasons which include setting on the printer driver, size of the file, spooling system of Windows.

How to fix slow printing in windows 10?

  • You can make changes to the default print settings to enhance the speed.
  • Modify the default paper type to Plain Paper and check the print speed.
  • Uninstall the existing printer driver ab-nd reinstall the latest one.
  • Use a quality USB cable for establishing connections.
  • Reduce the file size and graphics content that is reduce the image size if you can.

How to fix slow printing in Mac OS X?

  • Reset the printer and try to print again.
  • Use a properly shielded USB cable to connect the printer and the computer.
  • Check the settings of the printer driver and make sure it is updated.
  • Do not print long hug documents with only one cartridge. Use both the cartridges for printing.
  • Update the firmware of the printer and print again.

How to fix slow printing process in hp printer?

  • Have a regular check on certain things to maintain your printer.
  • Use a high-quality USB cable to connect the devices.
  • Print with a plain paper and test the quality to Normal to increase the print speeds.
  • Install both the cartridges and print with both do that it prints faster.
  • If printing with a wireless router, check the status of the network.
  • If the bandwidth of the router is high, the printer can receive file faster that enhances speedy printing.
How to fix slow printing process in hp printer

How to fix slow printing process in canon printer?

  • If you are using a Canon network printer, how it is networked matters.
  • Network computers rely on print servers. If the efficiency of the server is low printer may not deliver swift prints.
  • Check the printer driver software if it is outdated the printer prints slow.
  • Go to the official website and update the printer driver.
  • Make changes to the print properties and enhance the [erformance of the print job.

How to fix slow printing process in Epson printer?

  • Have a check on the file size, higher the size longer the time taken to print.
  • Prefer monochrome prints as it delivers speedy print compared to color print.
  • You can print the PDF files as images so that it prints faster.
  • Close the unused applications running on the background and try printing with your Epson.
  • Make sure that the print queue is not loaded with too many print jobs.
How to fix slow printing process in brother printer

How to fix slow printing process in brother printer?

  • If the quality is higher the time to complete the print job gets longer.
  • Modify the printer driver settings to speed up the print job.
  • In Windows, go to Printing Preferences and then reduce the resolution.
  • Save the settings and begin the print job. Check if your Brother printer is not in Quiet mode.
  • The Quiet mode results in a slow print job, turn off the feature and print again.
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