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How To Take A Screenshot And Paste?

Screenshot, screencap, or screengrab is a feature that captures the current content that is displayed on your computer or mobile phone. Based on the OS type, the process to take a screenshot will vary. This page will teach you how to take a screenshot and paste it in the desired location on different OS types and devices.

How To Take A Screenshot And Paste

For Windows

If your OS type is Windows, then there are several ways to take a screenshot. You can use either buttons or dedicated tools to take a screenshot on Windows.

Taking Screenshots Using Button(s)

  • Use the Alt + Print Screen, Print Screen (PrtScr), or Windows + Print Screen buttons to take a screenshot of the content displayed on your computer.
  • After taking the screenshot, open the word, notepad, or paint application of your desire.
  • Press the Ctrl + V button combo or click on the Paste option to paste the captured screenshot.

Taking Screenshots Using Tool(s)

There are some tools like Snipping Tool, Screen snip, etc., that help you to take a screenshot on your Windows computer. Based on your OS version, the availability of these tools will vary.

Tool 1: Using Snipping Tool

This tool is available for the Windows 7 and Vista versions.

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Type the Screenshot or snipping command in the search field.
  • Now, from the list of suggestions, select the Snipping Tool and open it.
  • To take a screenshot, click on the New button.
  • Choose the Rectangular snip, Free-form, Full-screen, or Windows snips option of your desire.
  • After taking the screenshot, paste it into the desired location by pressing the Ctrl + V button combo.

Tool 2: Screen snip

This tool is available for Windows 10 computers.

  • In the taskbar, click on the Notification icon.
  • Select the Screen snip option.
  • Choose the snip type of your desire.
  • Now, go to the location where you want to paste the captured screenshot and press Ctrl + V.

For Mac

If your OS type is Mac, then follow the below instructions to take a screenshot.

  • Initially, make sure that the screen that you want to take a screenshot is displayed correctly.
  • Now, locate the Command, Shift, and 4 buttons on your computer’s keyboard and press them at the same time to open the Screenshot tool.
  • Once the tool is opened, select the desired part to capture using the Control button available on your computer keyboard.
  • Now, open the file or application to which you want the captured screenshot to be pasted and paste it using the Command + V button combo.

For Android

You can use the buttons or the screenshot option available in the Quick access bar to take a screenshot. However, based on your Android phone model, the button combo will vary.

Using Buttons

  • Long press the Power + Volume Down button combo to take a screenshot.
  • If this function is not supported on your phone, then long-press the Power button.
  • Now, a list of options such as Restart, Screenshot, Power off, etc., will pop up.
  • Tap on the Screenshot option to take the screenshot.
  • The captured screenshot will be auto-saved on your phone’s Gallery.

Using the screenshot option

In some Android phones, the screenshot option will be available in the Quick access bar. If this option is available, then use it to take a screenshot.

For iOS

Long press the Power and Home buttons to take a screenshot. The copy of the screenshot will be auto-saved on your iPhone’s Photos application.

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