Stop Pop Up Ads Unlocking Phone

How To Stop Pop Up Ads When Unlocking Phone?

It is quite annoying when many ads pop up on the screen when you unlock your phone. It is because of the installation of some applications from unknown resources or any malicious app that gets automatically installed on your Android device. It can be resolved by detecting that Adware app and uninstalling it from your phone. Follow our guide for How to Stop Pop Up Ads When Unlocking Phone.

How to Stop Pop Up Ads When Unlocking Phone

Procedure to Block Pop Ads when Unlocking your Phone

  1. If your phone pops up Ads regularly when you unlock your phone, it is an irritating thing. To avoid those ads pop up, read the following article that teaches you some simple and quick methods to get rid for How To Stop Pop Up Ads When Unlocking Phone issues.
  2. First of all, when ads appear on your device screen, click the recent app button to check which app recommends to display ads. Now check the most recent apps shown on your screen and remember the name of the app that displays ads. Open the app that shows ads and go to the Settings menu. Check for any ad blocking option.
  3. Enable the ad-block option if available and then use the app. Now your device may not pop up with annoying ads.
  4. If the ad-block mode is not available in the Settings menu, uninstall the application from your device. To uninstall the app, make sure your Android device is connected to the internet and has good internet speed. Open Google PlayStore app and remember the name of the annoying app that shows ads to type in the search box. Locate the Uninstall option and then tap it to remove the application from your device.
  5. In case if the application is essential for you then check for the availability of the premium subscription option from the app menu or account settings. In some applications, ads will be blocked automatically when you are using Pro version or paid accounts. If Pro version or paid service does not apply to the app you are using, then you need to eliminate the application from your device to eliminate the annoying ads issue.
  6. If you could not be able to find the apps that display ads on your device while unlocking then install an ad detector or ad blocker app from Google PlayStore and ensure they are reliable from the user reviews. Launch the ad detector app on your device to know the app that shows advertisements while unlocking the device.
  7. When the Adware app is detected, go to PlayStore and then uninstall the application from your device. If you have installed the ad blocker app on your device, launch the app and enable ad block mode to avoid the unwanted ads and continue using the app. For any further information on How to Stop Pop Up Ads When Unlocking Phone, get in touch with our experts.