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How to Setup VPN on Android Pie and All Android OS

Before you begin to set up a VPN on Android Pie or any other Android operating system, you need to create an account in the VPN service provider. Once you created the account, you can perform further operations easily. Perform the instructions given below to do on How to Setup VPN on Android Pie and All Android OS.

How to Setup VPN on Android Pie and All Android OS

Quick Guidelines For How to Set Up a VPN on Android OS

Simple Steps to Set Up a VPN on Android OS

  1. Turn on your Android phone and go to the Settings option.
  2. Create an account in the VPN using a service provider.
  3. Create the account before you start the setup.
  4. Tap the More Networks options below the NFC & sharing menu.
  5. Touch the VPN option next to Mobile networks.
  6. Tap the Plus (+) icon to add the VPN network on your android device.
  7. Type Name in the respective field and choose Type.
  8. Follow the instructions below to finish the setup.

Learn in Detail About the VPN Set Up on Android

The VPN network set up can be done in any Android device easily if you have created the VPN account in advance. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure connection that allows you to connect another network over the internet. Once you created the VPN account, you can start on How to Setup VPN on Android Pie and All Android OS

Now, turn on your Android device. The network process can be done only in the Settings section. So the next step is to go to the Settings tab. At the top of the Settings section, you will view Wi-Fi network, Connection Setup, and More Networks.

Tap the More Networks option. Select the VPN option below the Mobile networks menu. The screen displays a blank page if you are not done with the VPN network setup. Touch the Plus (+) icon at the top- right corner of the screen. The dialog box named Add VPN appears on the screen.

It will prompt you to enter the Name & choose the VPN type. Type a name for the VPN connection profile and choose the VPN network type you wish to create. Make sure to select the correct VPN network connection from the list. If you have selected the wrong one, then it will reflect in the connection set up process.

After selecting the VPN connection type, enter the address of the VPN server. Press the Save button once you enter the basic details. Now the VPN connection you added is displayed on the next page.

Tap the VPN connection to connect to your VPN. Enter the login credentials in the respective field. Type the Username & Password and press the Connect option. You can checkmark the box near the Save account information option to save your VPN connection details.

Once the connection setup is done, a key symbol is shown at the top of the bar. The VPN connection set up is done successfully. You can check it by searching the current location of it on Google. After using the VPN connection, you can disconnect the network from the notification panel. For more solutions on How to Setup VPN on Android Pie and All Android OS connect with our techie.

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