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How to setup scan to computer on hp printer

Learn how to setup scan to computer on HP printer using the following guidelines. You can use scan softwares or you can also use EWS to scan to computer. For performing any scan funtions setup the HP printer first. The quick steps given below will be informative for setup scan to computer.

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How to setup scan to computer on hp printer

Easy Guidelines For HP Printer Scan to Computer

Quick and simple steps to scan to computer

  1. Install the full-featured driver on your computer to scan.
  2. Set up the HP printer on a network and launch printer software.
  3. Feed the original document on the scanner glass.
  4. Apply the following menu Scan Scan a document or Photo.
  5. Prefer the type of scan and then click Scan again.
  6. Use Save as PDF option and click on it to save the document.
  7. Prefer Save as JPG option if you scanned an image file.
  8. Enable the Show Viewer After Scan option to preview the document.

The elaborate steps to setup your HP printer to scan to Windows and Mac computer

  • The HP printer can scan to Mac OS easily by installing the printer driver on your computer. If you install the full-featured software, it includes scan software. You can also download the app separately.
  • The Mac computer connected to the printer scans through HP Scan software and Apple Image Capture. The Apple Image Capture apps can be downloaded from the Apple store. Using this software, you can alter the scan settings and set the location to store the scanned documents. Start Scan once all the necessities are met.
  • Load a photo or document on the scanner glass. Press the Scan button or tap on the Scan option (if the control panel is touchscreen) and the application becomes active. Select your HP printer from the dropdown list of the scanner devices.
  • You can pick the job type from the Presets menu. The scanned document is displayed on Mac’s screen and you can implement edits to it. You can customize colors, resize and straighten the scan. Locate Send option and choose a file location to save the file.
  • To scan to Windows computer, follow the subsequent procedure. Open the HP printer driver in the computer. You will notice the Scan button, click on it and you can select Scan a Document or Photo option. Choose Save as PDF to save the photo or document in PDF format. Click Save as JPEG to save in the image format.
  • The computer displays you the scanned item and you can probably edit them if required. Turn on the Show viewer After Scan option to preview the documents before saving them. If the scan does not work and throws some issue, use the troubleshooting tools. You can resolve the scan issue through the HP Print and Scan Doctor application. You can download the app online. Discover the HPPSdr.exe file from the download folder and run the same.
  • Click Start option when the app launches and then choose HP from the list. Click Retry if you can’t detect your printer on the list. Choose Fix Scanning. The application diagnoses the issue and reveals the report. If a problem needs concentration, the scan doctor helps you with possible solutions. I am sure by following the above-explained procedure you can successfully setup scan to computer.
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