HP Laserjet Wireless Setup

How to Setup Laserjet Wireless Printer

Laserjet printers use the method of electrostatic digital printing. The Laserjet printer produces high-quality text and graphics printing. You can set up the printer on Windows and Mac as well.

How to Setup Laserjet Wireless Printer

Easy Guidelines For HP Laserjet Printer Setup

Quick Steps to Set Up the Printer on the Windows and Mac System

  1. To set up the printer on a Windows system, do the following.
  2. Prepare for installation..
  3. Connection to the Wireless network.
  4. Downloading and install the driver.
  5. Perform the below to set up the printer for the Mac system.
  6. Prepare for installation.
  7. Perform a Wireless network connection.
  8. Install the Printer driver.

The Elaborate Steps to Setup Laserjet Wireless Printer

To Set Up using the Windows System: Gather the following details for installation: Network name, Network password, and the computer connected to a wireless network with internet access. Ensure that your computer and printer are switched on and connected to the same wireless network as your printer.

Discard the USB or Ethernet cable from the printer. If you have previously installed the software using a USB cable and now you want to install using the wireless connection, follow the preceding steps. Go to windows, select All programs -> HP and then choose the folder for your printer and then click Reconfigure your HP device and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Now connect to the Wireless network. To do so, on your printer control panel click the Wireless button then Wireless Menu button. Select the Wireless Setup Wizard option, click on your network name when prompted enter the password and then press the Ok option twice to return home screen. Go to the manufacturer’s website.

Double click the driver file with HP Easy Start on the Downloads bar for installation. Follow the procedure on the screen for the setup process. Go back to the webpage to finish the registration and activation.

To Prepare for Installation on the Mac System: collect the same details as mentioned for the Windows System. Check if your computer and router are connected to the same wireless network printer.

Unplug the USB or Ethernet cables from the printer. The procedures remain the same for the Mac as well as the Windows system for a wireless connection. The installation of software differs for the Mac system.

Follow the preceding steps for Mac. Power On your printer. If the printer is connected to Mac via a USB cable, detach it. Go to the Software and Driver Downloads section on the manufacturer’s site.

If prompted, select a method to identify your printer model. While doing Driver-Product Installation Software, follow the steps based on what it is displaying. If the Apple Software Update’s displays, it means the driver is available through Apple Software Update feature on Mac.

Click the option Learn More to install the driver. If you find HP Easy start or a full feature software and driver displayed, click the option Download to proceed with the next step. On the Mac dock, open Downloads folder.

Click the HP Easy Start File or the full feature driver .dmg file to start the installation. If prompted by the installer to add a printer on the Enable printing screen, click the Add Printer option. Choose the name of your printer. Select the Use and Print using menu, and then choose the name of your printer. Continue with the steps on the screen to finish the installation.