HP Sprocket Printer Setup

How to Setup HP Sprocket Printer

To set up the HP Sprocket printer, you need a similar Printer app from the app store. Install the printer-suitable sprocket app for your device. Read the description and steps given in the below document for how to setup HP Sprocket setup app.

How to Setup HP Sprocket Printer

Easy Guidelines For P Sprocket Printer Setup

The Quick Steps to Setup HP Sprocket Printer to your Mobile Phone

  1. Unpack the HP Sprocket Printer from its packaging.
  2. Check if the box contains the Printer, Setup card, Photo Paper, USB, and Info sheet.
  3. Go to the respective app store on your device and download the HP Sprocket Photo Printer app.
  4. Connect a USB cable to the charging adapter and plug it into the power source.
  5. Take out the top cover and load the ZINK Backed Photo paper.
  6. Insert the Smartsheet before loading the photo papers.
  7. Pair your mobile/tablet, browse the gallery, and print via the Sprocket printer.

The Detailed Procedure to Set up and Work with the HP Sprocket Photo Printer

The HP Sprocket printer is small in size that fits into your palm. It delivers quality instant photo prints when connected to your mobiles devices. To set up the HP Sprocket printer, unpack it from the packing. The box includes the HP Sprocket Photo Printer, a Setup Card, the HP ZINK Sticky-backed Photo Paper, USB cable, and Information Sheet.

You may need a companion HP Sprocket printer app. You can download the app from the respective app store or Google Play store. Visit site to download the Sprocket

Android devices using OS V4.4 and above and iPhones with iOS 8 and above supports the Sprocket app. If your phone has NFC options, try to connect with just a tap and get the photos printed. The Sprocket does not have a power cord like usual printers, and you can change the printer and take print from anywhere. The packing box includes a USB cable, and you need to connect the Sprocket to the Adapter via USB.

Plug the adapter to a power source. You have to charge it until the light indicator turns Green. Hold the Power button for some time after pressing it until the indicator light turns White. You have to load the paper by removing the top cover from the Paper Output Slot, and the printer should be powered off.

Unpack the HP ZINK Sticky-Backed Photo Paper and the blue Smartsheet. Place the Smartsheet first with barcode and logo facing down and then stuff the Photo Paper on top of it. Close the top cover and slide gently so that it clicks into the position. You have to now power up the Sprocket device and pair up with your mobile pho

Turn on the Bluetooth option on your Android and open the Sprocket app in it. Select the Main Menu from the upper left corner. Tap Sprocket and go to Android Settings to select your printer from the list of devices. In iPhone, go to Settings —> Bluetooth and turn on the feature. Launch the app and follow the on-screen procedure. Hit on any social source to choose the photo and swipe the gallery. Click on the Print icon. You can see a message “Sending to printer” in the progressing bar. The Sprocket printer delivers quality print. I am sure the above-detailed procedure will help you for how to setup HP Sprocket Printer.