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How to Setup HP Printer to Print Wirelessly?

The Wi-Fi Direct connection option is available on most HP wireless printers released after 2014. You can How to Setup HP Printer to Print Wirelessly using the push button method of WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

How to Setup HP Printer to Print Wirelessly

Easy Guidelines For HP Printer to Print Wireless Setup

Steps to Setup HP Printer to Print Wirelessly

  1. Gather the essential items to set up the printer and print wirelessly.
  2. Ensure that your router and computer are turned on.
  3. Make sure your computer and printer connected to the same wireless network.
  4. Setup your printer, load paper into the paper tray, and install the toner or ink cartridge.
  5. Load the alignment page on the platen.
  6. Replace the default wireless settings on the printer.
  7. Download and install the printer software on your computer.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions.

In Detail About How to Set Up HP Printer to Print Wirelessly

  • Gather the required items, turn on your computer, router, and set up the printer. The required items like a computer connected to your wireless network, Internet access. HP suggest broadband Internet access for software downloads, using Web Service, and getting printer updates.
  • During the setup, place the printer near the router. Start HP full feature print driver and software on your computer. Go to the manufacturer’s site, and click Download. The installation process begins automatically once the software gets downloaded. During installation, a connect window opens showing STOP Connect window! Do not click Continue at this point.
  • Now reset the wireless connection to a default setting, this ensures that the connection has completed successfully. Ascertain that the printer is turned on. If the wireless light blinks, skip to the next step and continue installing the software. Gently press the Power button, while holding the power switch, press the Start Copy Black button two times and then the Cancel button for three times.
  • Click Continue, on the HP installation Connect window. Follow the on-screen instruction until a Connection Options screen opens, select Wireless, and then click Next.
  • The two best methods to complete the wireless setup is through HP Auto Wireless Connect and the Wireless Setup using a USB Connection. On the HP Auto Wireless Connect window, click Yes, send and store my wireless settings on the printer, and then click Next.
  • In the Wireless Setup using a USB connection, connect your computer to the printer using the USB cable, and click Next. Go to “Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup” if you are unable to find your printer during the installation. Continue with the next step and follow the on-screen instruction for How to Setup HP Printer to Print Wirelessly.
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