How to setup HP Officejet Pro 8720


How to setup HP Officejet pro 8720 for the first time, take out the printer from the box, take out all the packing materials, set the preferences on the control panel, install the ink cartridges, and load the paper in the tray.

How to setup HP Officejet pro 8720

Step-by-step procedure to set up the HP Officejet pro 8720

  1. Take the printer out from the box.
  2. Associate the power cord with the printer and set your preferences.
  3. Pull the input tray and load the paper into it.
  4. Insert the ink cartridge that shipped with your printer.
  5. Make sure the letter on the cartridge matches with the one on the slot.
  6. Place the ink cartridge carefully and touch only the black plastic on the cartridge.
  7. Install the printer driver on your printer.
  8. This is available online.

The elaborate steps to setup HP Officejet pro 8720

  1. How to setup hp officejet pro 8720 printer method may vary by region/country. Take the printer from the box. Also, remove the tape, stickers, and packing materials as well. Lift the scanner lid, remove the packing material from the scanner glass, and then close the scanner lid. Recycle all the packing materials.
  2. Turn on the printer, plug it into the electric outlet, and then set your preferences. The power cable is linked to the rear and the other end to the electrical outlet. Set your favorites on the printer’s control panel; this includes your preferred language and country/region. Click Yes to confirm your choice.
  3. Pull out the input tray and load the paper into the input tray. Use U.S. Letter, or A4 paper to print. Load the document into the input tray with the short edge forward and the print side down. Push the stack into the input tray until it stops.
  4. Push the input tray of the printer and then install the ink cartridges that are shipped in the box. Open the access door of the cartridge, and wait until the cartridge is idle & silent before you proceed. Remove the tap of the cartridge and touch only the black plastic on it.
  5. Hold the ink cylinder by its sides with the color circle facing you. Press the ink cartridge in the slot until it snaps into its place. Ensure that the letter on the cartridge matches with the letter on the slot. Do the same for the next cartridge.
  6. After placing the ink cartridge correctly, close the cartridge access door. The printer aligns the printhead and then the alignment page prints the information on the printed page.
  7. Now, your printer set up successfully, and you can install the software online. Download & install the printer software and perform printing.