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How to Setup HP Laserjet Printer?

The Laserjet printer uses Laser or LED-technology to print. How to Setup HP Laserjet printers are reputed printers provide good quality printing.

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How to Setup HP Laserjet

Quick Guidelines For HP Laserjet First Time Printer Setup

Quick Steps to Set Up the HP Laserjet

  1. Unbox the printer and check the manual for reference.
  2. Remove the tapes in the exterior and interior of the printer.
  3. Load the paper tray with appropriate papers.
  4. Replace the ink cartridges if needed.
  5. Connect the power cord and power on the printer to go through its startup routine.
  6. Set up the HP Laserjet printer on a wireless network(Windows).
  7. Set up the HP Laserjet printer on a wireless network( Mac).

The Elaborate Steps to Set Up the HP Laserjet Printer

  • For setting up the printer on a wireless network(Windows), install the printer driver on your computer. Do so by following the preceding steps. Get the details of the Network name and Password. Check if you have a USB cable which came with your printer. The USB cable is needed to set up your printer on a wireless network. On the manufacturer’s website, go to Software and Drivers Downloads. Type your printer name in the search bar and then press the Enter option.
  • Click Download the full feature software, follow the prompts on the screen, and set up the printer on a wireless network. If prompted, restart the computer to finish the installation.
  • Set up the printer on a wireless network(Mac). Gather the information on the network name and pass-phrase. Connect the USB cable to the USB port at the rear of the computer and then to the printer. Ensure that your printer firmware is updated. If not, go to Software and driver download and type the printer name (HP laserjet printer) and then click Enter.
  • Install the available firmware updates if any. Now Click the Apple menu select System Preferences. Based on the operating system version, click Print and Scan, Print and Fax, or Printers and Scanners.
  • Tap the name of your printer, and then click Options and Supplies. Select Utility Open Printer Utility. Click on the option HTML config to open the advanced printer settings window. Now click the option Networking tab, and then select Wireless in the left pane.
  • Click on the 802.11b/g/n Wireless option and then select Enabled from the pop-menu. Double click on your network name to add it in the Current Network Name field, now enter the pass-phrase and then click the Apply option. Discard the USB cable from your printer and computer. On Printers and Scanners, go to the Print and Fax window, select Print and Scan and tap the name of your printer(HP Laserjet), click the minus (-) button and then delete the USB- installed printer. Now click the Plus(+) button and then select Add Printer or Scanner.
  • A list of printers will appear. Here, tap the name of your printer, click the Use or Print Using box, and choose your printer from the pop-up menu. Select Add to include your printer in the list. For more solutions for How to Setup HP Laserjet Printer Connect with Our techie.
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