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How to Setup HP Envy 5020 Wireless Printer

Before you start printing with your HP Envy 5020 from your computer, you have to connect it to the network. Establish a wireless connection to your devices and install the printer software on your computer. The instructions are given in this document below guide for how to Setup HP Envy 5020 Wireless Printer.

how to setup hp envy 5020 wireless printer

Easy Guidelines For HP Envy 5020 Wireless Setup

The Quick Steps to Establish a Wireless Connection to your HP Envy 5020 Printer

  1. Download the printer software for your printer from online.
  2. Gather the network credentials like the network name or its pseudonym and passphrase.
  3. Power up both your devices and connect them to the same wireless network.
  4. Hit the Wireless icon and then tap Settings on the printer’s control panel.
  5. Choose Wireless Setup Wizard from the options.
  6. Select your network name from the list.
  7. Manually enter the network name if you cannot find it on the list.
  8. Touch Done and tap OK.

The Elaborate & Detailed Procedure to Set Up the HP Envy 5020 Wireless Printer

  • You need to finish the setup procedure first, to work with any printer. Unpack the new printer and connect the cables to power up. Refer to the user manual and setup the printer in the standard method.
  • If your Envy 5020 is a network printer, then try connecting the HP printer to the network and establish a wireless connection. Install the recent printer version on the computer and set up the HP Envy 5020 printer.
  • You need to prepare for installation by gathering all the requirements. All your devices should be powered up, i.e. the printer, computer, and the router. The network name or any pseudonym, and the passphrase is WEP or WPA key are required.
  • The PC to which you are connecting your printer should be established with an internet connection. HP suggests you use the Internet connection via broadband and verify that the same wireless connection is established for the printer too.
  • Now, position your printer near the wireless router till the process is complete. Remove and reinsert if any USB or Ethernet cable is connected to your printer. If the already installed the driver with USB as connection type, you can change it to a wireless connection.
  • To do so, you can follow the procedure given below. Go to Devices & Printers on your computer and locate your Envy 5020 from the list. You have to click on Utilities on the welcome screen of the printer software.
  • Choose “Printer Setup & Software Selection” option. Click on “Convert a USB connected printer to wireless” or “Connect a new printer,” and these phrases may differ depending on your software version. The USB setup will be now converted into the wireless setup.
  • For the new setup, you can use the built-in setup wizard. Get back to the printer’s control panel an tap on the Wireless icon. The Wireless summary page screen and tap on the Settings icon. Hit Wireless Setup Wizard from the list.
  • Choose your network name, or you can also manually enter it using the on-screen keyboard. Gather WEP or WPA passphrase in beforehand and enter it when the screen prompts. The Security phrase is case sensitive. Be alert as you enter it.
  • You want to click Done and OK. The setup is complete. I am sure the above-detailed procedure will be informative how to setup HP Envy 5020 Wireless printer.
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