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How To Setup HP Deskjet Wireless Printer

How to Setup HP Deskjet Wireless Printer and then connect to a wireless network connection. Install the updated driver file and select the Connection Type as Wireless while installing the software. Add your Deskjet printer to the computer and set it as the default printer.

How To Setup HP Deskjet Wireless Printer

Easy Guidelines For HP Deskjet Wireless Setup

Quick Steps to Setup HP Deskjet Wireless Printer

  1. Unpack your HP Deskjet wireless printer.
  2. Turn on the printer after connecting to a proper current source.
  3. Switch on the network router with broadband internet access.
  4. Search for the wireless router network on your printer.
  5. Enter the security password and connect to the wireless network.
  6. Download the HP Print driver for your printer.
  7. Install the latest version of the driver on your computer.
  8. Pick Wireless Connection when prompted during the installation.

Procedure to Setup HP Deskjet Wireless Printer

  • For setting up the HP Deskjet printer for the first time, unbox your Deskjet printer. Remove the unwanted packaging materials from the inside and outside of the printer. Connect your printer’s power cable to the electrical socket and turn on your Deskjet printer.
  • Set the preferences on your printer’s control panel. Place enough paper into the input tray and then install the ink cartridges into their respective slots. Once the cartridge alignment completes, download the print driver and software.
  • Connect your router with a broadband internet access and set up the connection to provide high-speed internet access. If your printer and router support a physical WPS push button method, press the wireless icon on your HP Deskjet printer. Pushthe WPS button of the router to connect your printer to the router. This connection happens only when the router connection contains a secure password.
  • If you can’t connect using the WPS method, then try network connection using the Embedded Web Server (EWS). Press the Wireless and information button on the control panel simultaneously, to print the Network Configuration page.
  • Know the IP address of your Deskjet printer from the printed report. Enter the IP address in the address bar of your web browser and then start searching.
  • Now the EWS for your printer model opens on a new page. Click on the Network tab, select Wireless (802.11), and then tap Network Address (IPv4). Click Manual IP and then enter an IP address of your own after clicking Suggest a Manual IP Address. After entering the IP address manually, confirm it. Restart the printer confirm the changes that you made.
  • After setting up a network connection, open the Internet Browser on your computer and then open the Software and Download page on the manufacturer site. Search for the Print Driver and Software that suits your printer model and download it to your computer. Open the downloaded driver file and then install it on your computer. Mark Wireless Connection when prompted to select the connection type and then proceed with the installation steps to complete the How to Setup HP Deskjet Wireless Printer.
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