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How to Setup HP 6600 Printer

The document given below gives you guidelines How to Setup HP 6600 Printer to your computer. Before you begin the setup, check that you have all the required components for installation. You can refer the manual guide for first time setup of the HP printer.

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How to Setup HP 6600 Printer

Easy Guidelines For HP 6600 Printer Setup

The Quick and Easy Steps to Setup the HP 6600 Printer to your PC

  1. Unwrap your HP printer and other packaging elements.
  2. Remove all the printer components from the box.
  3. Untwine the cables and attach it into the corresponding outlets on the devices
  4. Power up the HP printer by pressing the Power button.
  5. Set the Date, Timezone and Region using the on-screen keypad.
  6. Install the ink cartridges and load plain papers into the input tray.
  7. Proceed with driver installation.
  8. Prefer the connection type when the setup wizard prompts.

The Complete and Elaborate Procedure to Setup your HP Printer to your Computer

  • To work with your HP printer, you need to set it up first. The following steps include guidelines right from unwrapping the printer to installing the driver for your HP printer.
  • Read it carefully and setup your printer. The HP printers are packed in a cardboard box and it is sealed with covers and other packaging materials. The internal parts of the printer have protective tapes to secure from damage.
  • Unbox the printer from the box and position it on the table near to the wall socket. Remove the covering material from the printer.
  • Take out all the papers, user manual and, warranty pamphlet from its package.
  • Read the specification list and check if all the components mentioned in it are present inside the box. Peel off the transparent protective film covering the control panel.
  • Unwind the power cord and USB cable for use. The ends of the power cord are connected to the printer’s rear and to the electrical wall socket.
  • As you press the switch, the printer turns on and you have to wait for a minute or two till the printer becomes idle.
  • Check if the printer is already installed with ink cartridges if not, slide the cartridges one after another.
  • Push it gently into the slot till it sits firmly into the position. Pull the cartridge lid down to secure them.
  • You have to set the TimeZone, Date, Region, Country now and prefer language on the control panel of the printer. Stuff the input tray with a stack of paper. You can also extend the tray further. Prepare the printer for software installation.
  • Connect your printer to the home Wi-Fi. Make use of the Network settings on the control panel and establish a wireless connection. After completing the hardware setup, continue with driver installation.
  • The driver is included in the CD that comes along in the printer’s package. Insert the driver CD into the disc drive of your computer. Browse the computer’s control panel and double-click on drive. Identify the file with .exe extension and run it.
  • The setup wizard opens and directs you for installing software. Choose the preferred connection type and proceed with the setup. Your wizard gets closed when you click on Finish button. Now, How to Setup HP 6600 Printer is complete.
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