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How to Setup Fax on HP Printer

The following steps will give you solution for how to set up Fax on HP printer. By setting up the fax enabled printer, you can send a fax to another machine. Traditional faxing requires a landline phone connection. Always prefer sending documents through fax as they are more secure than email or postal mail.

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How to Setup Fax on HP Printer

Easy Guidelines For HP Printer Fax Setup

The Quick and Simple Method to Setup Fax on HP Printer

  1. Prepare your HP to fax and gather all the required elements.
  2. Make sure you have a landline connection for traditional fax setup.
  3. Obtain a telephone cord that came along with the printer.
  4. Connect one end to the telephone jack and other to the printer’s rear.
  5. Set up the preferences for fax setting in Fax Setup Wizard on Windows.
  6. Enter the recipient’s name at the top, and it contains your business name and ten digit fax number.
  7. Turn on Auto Answer mode, and the machine picks up the call after a specified number of rings.
  8. Do a fax test once the settings are made in your HP Fax machine.

The Elaborate Procedure for Setting Up a Fax on HP Printer

  • Read the given elaborate procedure and set up the fax on your HP printer. The faxing requires traditional landline telephone service. For sending documents faxing is considered to be more secure than sending through email or postal mail.
  • You have to prepare your HP printer for faxing. All you need to do is to obtain a phone cord or use the one that came along with the printer. You can also use the connector that contains only two wire leads.
  • The one end of the cable should be at the wall jack of the phone and another end to that of the printer’s rear. If you are using an answering machine then, connect machine and 2-EXT jack at the rear of the printer via the power cord.
  • The connection allows the phone to record the voice call without any noise produced by the HP fax machine. By navigating the fax setup menu on the printer control panel, you can set the fax preferences.
  • If you are a Windows user, then use the Fax Setup Wizard or if you are using Mac then use Basic Fax Settings. The Fax header contains information like the name of your business and the complete 10-digit fax number.
  • The next setting is the Auto Mode/Auto Answer. This is an automatic tool that pics up the phone call after the specified number of rings. To manually answer the phone call, you can turn this feature off.
  • As the phone rings, your HP will start counting the total rings before it answers the call. You can set the ring type for the fax machine. For a dedicated fax line use All Rings settings and to set up a special ring pattern, select the Distinctive Ring.
  • Aet the Dial type that matches so that the printer can detect rings. Turn on the Fax Volume, too enable silent faxing to turn off the volume button. Once the settings are made, run test fax.
  • On the control panel of your printer located Run Fax Test or Run Fax Report option. You can view the printed result.
  • If some issues are found, you have to implement the necessary steps to resolve it. I am sure the procedure given above will help you to setup fax on your HP printer.
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