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How to Setup Canon Printer Pixma

The canon printer Pixma setup process is the initial step to be done after the printer is bought. The setup involves unboxing the printer, establishing the power connection, loading the paper into the tray, and installing the cartridges.

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how to setup canon printer pixma

Easy Guidelines For Canon Pixma Printer Unboxing Setup

Simple Steps for the Setup of the Canon Pixma Printer

  1. Remove the tapes from the printer box. Take the printer out of the box.
  2. The paper output tray, front cover, and the document cover has to be opened.
  3. After inserting white papers, the paper guides should be slid to its end.
  4. The power cable should be inserted to switch ON the printer.
  5. The FINE cartridges should be inserted.
  6. Close the lever and close the Output Cover.
  7. An alignment page will be printed after the process of installation is completed.

Detailed Description for the Setup of the Canon Pixma Printer

  • When you are buying the Canon Pixma printer for the first time, do the steps as mentioned below to start with the initial setup procedures. Tear the tape which is present on the printer box. Take the resource materials and the printer out of the box.
  • Open the Front cover, paper output tray, and the Document Cover. Discard all packing materials which surround the printer and close the covers. Place clean white papers and slide the paper guides to its end. Join the power cable to turn ON the printer.
  • Choose the language on display of the printer’s control panel and click OK. Take away the FINE cartridges and tear the protective tape. The cartridge lock lever should be raised. Insert the FINE cartridges until it snaps into place.
  • The lever should be closed. The same steps should be repeated for other cartridges. The Output Cover has to be closed.
  • An alignment page will be printed after the installation process. The driver can be downloaded from our website and it is free of cost. Choose the link on this website to initiate the download process.
  • Open the web browser that is installed on your system. Choose the Run option to initiate the process. The setup file varies based on the operating system. Find the downloaded file on the system. The setup file will be in the .exe format.
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi Button on the printer until the light flashes. Press the Color button and then the Wi-Fi button. Make sure that Wi-Fi light is flickering and the light is lit. To extend the wireless setup, the drivers need to be installed on your computer system.
  • In case of issues, contact our support team and they will solve all your problems.
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