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How to Setup a VPN On My Router

The main reason for using VPN routers is to secure the internet connection we use. Some steps are given below to know how to Setup a VPN On My Router. You can either get a router that has VPN installed or by manually setting up the VPN on your existing router.

How to Setup a VPN On My Router

Easy Guidelines For How to Set Up a VPN on Router

Quick Steps In Setting Up the VPN Router at your Home

  1. Plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of your primary router.
  2. Associate the other end with the VPN router.
  3. Connect your primary router to the computer.
  4. Use another Ethernet cable to establish the connection.
  5. Avoid using the cables that are worn, or damaged.
  6. Make a connection with your computer by connecting it to the LAN port of your it.
  7. Altering the ports can cause connection issues.
  8. Configure your network settings and start using your VPN router.

Detailed Steps to Help you in Setting Up the VPN Router

  • Certain websites won’t work under the VPN network. The download speed may vary between the VPN or the primary router. To make it easy for you, the below steps will show you how to set up two routers with your home network.
  • Ensure that you recognize the details of the router account. In case you do not have them, visit the manufacturer’s site to know the same. The account details are highly confidential. Do not let others know the same. After knowing your credentials, start performing the next step.
  • Now, you should flash the existing firmware, i.e., you will have to replace the software of your router with a new one. This process will be done automatically by installing the DD-WRT Flash Files. Ensure that you download the flash software from a trusted site.
  • To flash your router, the firmware that you need to install will be in the .chk and .bin format. Verify whether the file that you are downloading supports the router of yours. Click Download and choose any location to save the files. After downloading the files, disconnect your computer from the network. Now, keep your system close to your modem and router.
  • Make the connections as mentioned above in the short steps to begin the configuration process and how to Setup a VPN On My Router. Register your new router to set up the VPN. Now, login to your router account. Once the page loads, click the Advanced button and choose Administration Router Update.
  • Press Browse and select the downloaded dd-wrt .chk file. Click Update Ok. In the next page that loads, next press the Yes button. Wait until the loading symbol disappears.
  • Key in the IP address of your router in the search bar. Enter the username and password; then click the Change Password option. After changing the password, you will be directed to the Administrator settings window. Click Administration and enter the username and password. On the next window, choose Firmware update Choose File. Now, select the .bin file and click Upgrade. After all the settings are assigned, type the address of your router in the search bar. Alter the parameters with respect to your preference.
  • Similarly, alter all the settings that are necessary and choose Save. Go to your VPN server by logging into your account. Now, copy any server location. Go to the dd-wrt page. Locate and change the Connection Type to PPTP. Fill the additional details if you are prompted to do so. On the HTTP server, paste the details that you have copied. Click on the Save button. Navigate to the Administration tab and choose the Reboot Router option. Connect your system to the VPN network and load any site. Your VPN router connection is established successfully. For more queries on How to Setup a VPN On My Router connections contact with our tech team.
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