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How to Setup a VPN on My iPhone

How to Setup a VPN on My iPhone, you need the help of services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and IPVanish. Sign up to any one of the services before you download the appropriate application on your iPhone. To configure them manually with the login information, go through the detailed procedure provided on this page.

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How to Setup a VPN on My iPhone

Easy Guidelines For How to Setup a VPN on iPhone

Steps to Setup a VPN on iPhone

  1. Check for the best VPN deal and sign up to avail its services.
  2. Make sure that the VPN service you have signed up includes a mobile app.
  3. Open the App store on your iOS device and download the app related to the VPN you have signed in.
  4. Launch the application and sign into your account.
  5. Tap the Allow button to permit the app to access your device settings.
  6. Locate the Settings icon on your mobile phone and select it.
  7. Select General followed by VPN.
  8. Choose the VPN Client and the tap on the toggle next to Connected option to turn it on.

Detailed Procedure to Setup a VPN on your iPhone Manually

  • The purpose of setting up a VPN may vary by persons. Once a VPN is set up on your iPhone, it directs you to a different endpoint, making your device invisible while using other networks. The VPN helps you view/access the contents that are not available for your region.
  • Make sure you have the network login details before proceeding with the setup process. From your home screen, locate the Settings option and select it. The related options will be displayed. Scroll until you reach the option named General. Tap on the General option.
  • Locate the VPN option and select it. You will be able to find a link in blue color with the word Add VPN Configuration. Select the link and touch the Type option.
  • You have to select the type from the VPN tunneling protocols IKEv2, IPSec, and L2TP options. Make sure you choose a secured type. Move to the upper left corner and select the Add Configuration option which will take you to the next screen.
  • Fill in the VPN settings details like descriptions, server, remote ID, and User Authentication. The details you enter is completely based on the tunnel protocol you have chosen earlier. Specify the user name and password for login authentication. Switch your proxy connection between Auto and Manual option.
  • Confirm your selection by touching the Done option. Slide the toggle rightwards to turn on the VPN. In the case of only one VPN, it will be selected by default. Else, you need to select one manually. Once your purpose is complete, make sure you turn off the VPN.
  • You need not enter the details whenever you use the VPN. You can just enable it from the Settings of your iPhone by turning on the toggle against the VPN segment. Your phone will show the indication when your VPN is active, just like when you use a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on your mobile. For more guidelines for how to Setup a VPN on My iPhone contact with our expert’s.
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