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How to Setup a VPN Configuration on iPhone

When you set up a VPN(Virtual Private Network) on your iPhone, it increases the privacy of your device and secures the Wi-Fi connection. If you are connecting the printer to an open network, the data is unprotected. Use of a VPN will protect your personal and confidential information from unauthorized access. Follow simple steps given below for How to Setup a VPN Configuration on iPhone.

How to Setup a VPN Configuration on iPhone

Quick Guidelines For How to Add a VPN Configuration on iPhone

Steps For How to Install iOS VPN App

  1. Login to the VPN Service on your mobile device.
  2. Use third-party VPN apps on the iPhone.
  3. Get to the App Store and download the app.
  4. Install the app based on the instructions mentioned on the screen.
  5. Sign up into the account using the username and password.
  6. Login information varies based on the VPN account information.
  7. Enable the VPN app to set up the network for your iPhone.
  8. Proceed with the instructions to add more VPN configurations.

What is the Method Used to Set Up a VPN on the iPhone?

  • Setting up the Virtual Private Network on your iPhone is an easy task. It takes around 60 seconds to complete the process. View the Settings icon on the home screen of the app. Check for the General option under the Settings tab.
  • Wait for the General window to display on the home screen. Choose the VPN icon under the Settings menu. Click the Add VPN Configuration option and then select PPTP adjacent to the L2TP option. A configuration is not secure message appears. Ignore the message and move to the next step.
  • You need to add information about the VPN Service under the Description box. Use a unique name to the server in the Server box which is provided by the VPN Service. Create authentic credentials for a proper connection .
  • Provide the user ID in the Account box. Creating a unique password is secure as it does not allow third-party users to trespass the network. Type the password in the respective box. All these details are provided by VPN service.
  • Click the Encryption level option. The Encryption level contains multiple options such as Auto, Maximum and None. Click the None option as this does not require any encryption level for establishing the network connection.
  • Touch Save to store the configuration settings for future use. Enable the Switch Next to the stored VPN configuration to establish the connection. After the process completes, you can view a Connected Status below the VPN option. A green icon is also visible next to the option.
  • If the iPhone contains more than one VPN client, click the VPN client icon that you wish to use. Use the Opera VPN on the iPhone if required. You can browse your website or personal information without being tracked. For more information about How to Setup a VPN Configuration on iPhone contact with our techie.
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