How to Setup a Router

A router is a hardware device that is used to connect to a wireless network. It can be linked to any home network with the help of the credentials. After connecting the router to the network, use internet access from any location. Go through the steps below how to set up a router.

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How to Setup a Router

Easy Guidelines For How to Setup a Router

Instructions for How to Install the New Router?

  1. Purchase the router from trusted service providers.
  2. Plug in the power cable to the rear of the printer and system.
  3. Utilize the Power button to turn it ON.
  4. Establish the internet connection for the router using a DSL modem.
  5. Open the router’s Web Interface on your system.
  6. Assign the network name and password after opening it.
  7. Connect the peripheral devices to the router if required.
  8. Check the network status of the devices after establishing the connection.

What is the Method to Set Up the Router?

  • After purchasing the router, the first step is to link it to your modem. The router helps you to share the internet connection among multiple devices. Make use of an Ethernet cable to the router and place it near the modem.
  • Connect at least one system to the router using Ethernet cable to adjust the router’s settings. Detach the router from the system after connecting wirelessly. You can also connect to a laptop wirelessly with the help of a network name and password.
  • Use the Power button to turn on the router. It may create a Wi-Fi network and connects it to the router’s Wi-Fi. Fill the information page using the necessary details such as Name, Phone, Email, Address, and MAC address.
  • Navigate to the Internet Service Provider’s website. A username and password are available on the documentation given by the service provider. Update the MAC address of the router and save it. It means that the device is authorized and can be used.
  • The IP address of the router is available on the rear end of the router and also on the documentation. Open the Google Chrome web browser and fill the URL search bar with the IP address of the router. Type the required details such as username and password.
  • The default username and password is admin and password respectively. For certain routers, leave the password field blank. Wait until the Wireless Settings displays on the screen. Mention the network name in its tab and enable the SSID broadcast box.
  • Type the password for security reasons. Click Save to store the settings. If required, change the name and password. Link the system, tablet or smartphone via the wireless network if necessary. You need to type the password to establish a secure connection.
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