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How to Setup a HP Wireless Printer Without the CD?

How to Setup a HP Wireless Printer Without the CD, set up your printer, and connect to the network connection. Go to the manufacturer’s site and start searching for the driver that supports your printer model. Install the updated driver after downloading it on your network-connected computer.

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How to Setup a HP Wireless Printer Without the CD

Quick Guidelines For Setup HP Wireless Printer Without Installation CD

Steps to Setup HP Wireless Printer Without Installation CD

  1. Unpack your HP printer from the packaging.
  2. Remove the packaging materials from the printer.
  3. Load sufficient paper into the input tray and install the ink cartridges.
  4. Set up a network router to provide high-speed internet connection.
  5. Link your printer to the internet through a wired or wireless connection.
  6. Connect to the Software and Drivers section on the manufacturer’s site.
  7. Search for the driver file that supports your printer model.
  8. Install the file after downloading it on your computer.

Procedure to Setup HP Wireless Printer without an Installation CD

  • Once you purchase a new printer, it is essential to set up the printer hardware and software. To know how to set up a wireless printer without an installation CD, check with the procedure given in this article.
  • Unpack the printer and take it out from the box. Remove all the packaging materials from outside and inside the printer. Connect your HP product to a steady power source and then set up the basic settings on the printer’s control panel. Load enough paper to complete your print job and then install the ink cartridges properly.
  • Wait until the printer aligns the cartridges and prints an alignment report. After setting up the hardware, turn on your router. Connect the device with a broadband internet connection or WLAN connection. Set up the necessary wireless bandwidth and other settings on your router. Protect your internet using a network SSID (Service Set Identifier) and security password.
  • If your router has an Ethernet port, connect your printer and router with the Ethernet cable to set up a wireless connection. If the Ethernet port is not available, connect the printer and router using the wireless network option.
  • Select the settings option on the control panel menu and then choose the Wireless settings or the Network Settings menu.
  • From the Wireless Settings menu, select the Wireless Setup Wizard option to start searching for the list of nearby networks. Choose your router’s network name and enter the password. Also, connect your computer to the same network. After connecting, browse the manufacturer site to download and install the HP driver software.
  • Open the Software and Downloads page on the manufacturer’s site and search for the driver file of your printer model. Download the full feature driver package file to connect your network-connected computer. Open the driver file from the browser download path and then start installing the driver software.
  • Agree with the terms of use when the HP Installer prompts you to do so. Choose the connection type, and then link your computer and printer using a USB cable when the HP installer asks to connect. After completing the installation process, try printing or scanning on your HP wireless printer.
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