How to Set Up your New TV

To set up a new TV, first of all, you need to unbox it. Take the TV out of the package and check if the box contains all the components required for set up. After finishing the setup process connect the TV to a cable and scan for channels. Perform the how to Set Up your New TV instructions given below to complete the setup process.

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How to Set Up your New TV

Easy Guidelines For How to Set Up your New TV

Eight Quick & Easy Steps to Set Up a New TV

  1. Take the new TV out of the package and remove the packing cover from it.
  2. Get an HDMI cable to connect the TV.
  3. Do the connection set up as per the instructions.
  4. Switch on the TV after finishing the connection set up.
  5. Wait for the home screen to display.
  6. Set basic set up such as date, time, country, and region.
  7. Search for specific channels from the TV antenna you have connected.
  8. Finish the setup and start watching your favorite shows.

Learn in Detail About How to Set Up a New TV

  • TV set up process is easy compared to any other device. When you get a new TV, you can find a user manual, TV controller, connecting wires (HDMI for LED TV), and TV stands inside the package. Before you begin to set up the TV, make sure that all the essential components required for the how to Set Up your New TV are found inside the package.
  • If any component is missing inside the box, then contact our customer support for further steps. Now, take the new TV out of the package. Remove the packing tape from the TV. If you wish to mount your TV on your wall, do not fit it too high or low.
  • If you mount the TV too high, then there is a chance of causing neck & eye strain. Similarly, if you mount the TV too low, then it will leave you stooping to watch it. Now, take the HDMI cable to connect the TV to your antenna or set-up-box.
  • Connect one part the HDMI cable to the TV’s HDMI port and the other end to the set-up box.
  • After finishing the connection setup, connect the power cable to the TV and power it on. Switch the Power button to turn on the TV and wait for it to become idle.
  • The next step includes the necessary set up process such as selecting a preferred language, time, date, country and connecting to the local Wi-Fi network. Use the remote controller to set the settings. You can start using the remote after turning on your TV.
  • In the latest TVs, you can find several rows of apps, inputs, and settings. Select the app you want to install it on your TV. The app such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu TV are available for installation.
  • Finding & discovering your favorite apps and new streaming devices will help you experiences the TV’s capabilities. After installing the apps and finishing the how to Set Up your New TV is ready. Watch your favorite shows and videos from the apps you have installed.
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