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How to Set Up Your Android Tablet

The usage of Android tablets is increasing in recent years. Setting up an Android tablet is quite tricky, but once you finish it, accessing the features is easy. The steps on how to Set Up Your Android Tablet are provided on this website.

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How to Set Up Your Android Tablet

Easy Guidelines For How to Set Up Your Android Tablet

Quick Steps on How to Set Up the Android Tablet

  1. Open the sim slot on the Android phone and place your sim card in it.
  2. Install the battery and then insert the back panel of the tablet.
  3. Choose the language that you wish to use.
  4. Link your Android tablet to the Wireless Fidelity network.
  5. Type all the data that is related to your Google account.
  6. Select all the payment and backup options.
  7. Add a password, else set your fingerprint as the security type.
  8. Download all the applications that you want on your Android tablet.

Brief Instructions on How to Set Up your Android Tablet

  • First, unpack your Android tablet and check what components are delivered with it. If you have got a new tablet, you will find a wall charger, USB cord, warranty card, and more. It is recommended to charge the Android tablet. Plug the USB cord into the wall charger or to the USB port on the personal computer.
  • Attach the other end to the micro USB port present at the bottom of your Android tablet. After the battery is fully charged, switch On your Android tablet by holding the Power button. Keep pressing the Power button until a message gets displayed on the tablet screen. Select your desired language from the list.
  • Touch the Next button and then choose the name of your Wi-Fi network. Now, enter the network password and then tap on the Continue option. Do changes to the date and time if needed and select Next. On your tablet, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Choose Next and then log into your Google account by typing your email and password.
  • Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to set the backup and restore preferences. The next dialog box will instruct you to choose your location preferences.
  • Log into the other services if required. The final instruction is to name your Android tablet. The setup process is now complete.
  • Now, switch to the Main screen on your tablet; it is also referred to as the Home tab. All widgets and apps are present in the Main window. Many apps will be available on the Home screen. You can slide the apps by pressing and holding its icons. If you wish to add more applications, open the App Drawer by tapping on the Apps button. Touch and hold the icon to move the app to your Home screen.
  • To delete an application from the Main window, long press and hold the icon and then drag it to the Trash area. Open the Settings dialog box by touching the Settings button. You can also browse anything in Google by opening the Google search feature.
  • Tap any of the apps that are installed and how to Set Up Your Android Tablet. You can add widgets on your Home window if needed. Now, try using any of the functions of the Android tablet such as playing music and installing new applications.
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