How to Change Weather On Windows

How to Set Up Weather Changes Widget on your Windows?

Make use of the weather free application to set up the changes on your Windows Personal Computer. It provides accurate weather reports across various latitudes and longitudes present on the earth. The details about the weather conditions are given in all 33 languages and dialects. You have options to update the GPS service whenever you move from one place to another. Using this app you can update the forecasts directly from the Start window. For below steps to guide for How to Set Up Weather Changes Widget on your Windows system.

How to Set Up Weather Changes Widget on your Windows

Instructions on How to Set Up Weather Changes on the Windows System

  1. Set the location: Make sure to download the Weather application from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Open up the program by finding the tile that is located near the Start window.
  3. The Weather app will open on your Windows computer.
  4. You can navigate to the Settings Configuration menu by selecting the Gear shaped icon present at the bottom left hand corner of your PC.
  5. Select the search box and then enter the name of your location.
  6. You can also choose in what type of temperature the app must display the data that is in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  7. When the Weather app boots up, the Launch Control settings enables users to view the data on the screen.
  8. You can set only one city as the default one in the app. Else, you can make the application to detect the location each time you open it.
  9. Live Tiles Bug: The current temperature along with the screenshots of the upcoming forecasts in the next days gets updated in the app every few seconds.
  10. Create and Manage your favorites: You can add your favorite city by clicking the plus sign located at the middle of the screen.
  11. After you enter your city, look for its name in the drop-down box and then click it.
  12. Every time you open the Places tab, the city name will appear in the app.
  13. You can also delete the favorites by choosing the Remove From Favorites option.
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