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How to Set Up Weather Changes Widget on your Mac?

How to Set Up Weather Changes Widget on your Mac operating system, provides access to a number of data sources such as world clocks, reminders, and calendars. It allows users to view the current temperature and the forecast of all their places. When you enable the Location Services on your Mac device, the Weather Widget app displays the weather of your current region. Apple also offers weather forecasts for cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and also in its company headquarters which is located in Cupertino.

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How to Set Up Weather Changes Widget on your Mac

Easy Guidelines For How to Set Up Weather Changes Widget on your Mac

Steps on How to Configure Weather Changes Widgets on the Mac Device

  • You can also customize the Weather Widget app to delete these default locations and monitor the weather conditions virtually in any city present across the world.
  • Add a city in the notification center: First, activate the Notification center on your Mac system by swiping the display in from the right pane of the trackpad.
  • Else, select the Notification Center icon present at the far right corner of the Menu dialog box. Move the mouse cursor over the Weather Widget option, and you will view a small encircled I present at the top right if your Mac PC.
  • You will see an option to add a city at the bottom of the Weather Widget.
  • Choose the Green plus sign to open a search box. You can search for your city through name, airport code, or zip code. Enter the relevant data to identify your specified city.
  • Now your city’s name will be added at the bottom of the Weather Widget screen.
  • Manage and remove cities in the Weather Widget: After you have added one or many cities, you can delete them or alter their order in the list.
  • To remove a city name, go to the Notification Center window and hover the cursor over the Weather Widget option.
  • Click the I button present on the upper right corner and then choose the red minus icon will be available next to every city.
  • Select the minus button to delete that particular city. To change the order of the cities, tap the three horizontal lines located at the corner of the screen.
  • Now drag and drop the city in a particular area. Note that the weather conditions of your current place will always be on top of the Mac device. Do you face any difficulties while doing How to Set Up Weather Changes Widget on your Mac? Don’t worry Reach us Our tech team.
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