How to Set Up Roku?

You have to set up Roku in order to use it. The below-given document describes the basic setup to set up Roku. The Roku streaming player supports 4k or 4k HDR, but you need a 4k compatible TV to experience it. How to Set up Roku to your TV using the document given below.

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How to set up Roku

Easy Guidelines For How to Set Up Roku on your Smart TV

The Quick Steps to Set Up Roku on your Smart TV

  1. Use HDMI cable to connect Roku to your Television.
  2. Find a high-quality premium cable that supports 4k or 4k HDR.
  3. Use a standard video connection type if you are using old televisions.
  4. Establish a connection using Ethernet port if your Roku plays support it.
  5. Connect the devices to the power outlet and turn it on.
  6. Insert the batteries by opening the back cover of the remote.
  7. Connect the Roku player to the Internet and allow it to download the latest software.
  8. Create a Roku account and activate the Roku player.

The Elaborate Steps to Set Up Roku Player to your Television

  • The document has the solution for how to set up Roku. If your television has an HDMI port, you can connect Roku using the respective cable. Once the connection is set, you can stream 4k and 4k HDR in your television.
  • However to experience it to the fullest you need a TV that supports 4k in it. Obtain high-speed HDMI cable or other composite cables. If your Roku supports Ethernet then, you can establish the connection using the Ethernet port.
  • The initial step is to connect the Roku streaming player with your TV with the cables mentioned above. Connect the power adapter to the electrical wall outlet and power connector to the Roku player.
  • Insert the batteries to the Roku stick by removing its back cover. Fthe connection is proper, the display of the TV will have Roku symbol in it. The initial screen of the Roku will prompt you to choose the language.
  • Press OK once you chose the language, you will get more options if you scroll the page. Establish Internet connection to your devices. Select the SSID from the list and enter the password to establish the internet connection.
  • Once the connection is established, the Roku will check for recent software update. The Roku will automatically complete the update and reboot itself. Using the HDMI port, connect the player will automatically determine the most suited display type.
  • You can also set the display type manually using Setting Display type menu method. Choose Check Remote settings to set up Roku enhanced remote control.
  • You can set up the Roku remote by following menu method, Settings Remote Set up remote for TV control. To activate the Roku player, you need to link the same with your Roku account. By creating an account, Roku will keep track of the devices to which Roku is connected.
  • You can also experience ad-free HDR and purchase channels from the Roku Channel Store.
  • The screen itself will display you instructions to setup Roku account along with activation code. Activate the Roku player on other devices like computer, tablets, etc. Once the activation is done, your setup will be complete. I am sure the above procedure will help you how to set up Roku player successfully.
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