How to Set Up Pixel 3

How to Set Up Pixel 3, all you need is a good Wi-Fi connection and your Google account information. You can also copy the data from the old phone if needed. Now, follow the steps given below to complete the Google Pixel 3 setup.

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How to Set Up Pixel 3

Easy Guidelines For How to Set Up Pixel 3

Eight Simple Steps to Set Up the Google Pixel 3 Phone

  1. Switch on your Pixel 3 phone by pressing the Power button.
  2. Enter your account PIN in the Verify Your Account section and click Next.
  3. Choose the appropriate language in the Setup Wizard screen.
  4. Tap the Next button after selecting an option.
  5. Tap Next under the Phone activation screen
  6. Wait for the activation process to complete. Select the network in the Connection setup screen.
  7. Tap Next to copy the data from the old phone.
  8. Sign into the Google account and then follow the remaining steps to complete the Setup.

Learn More About the Google Pixel 3 Phone Setup Process

  • Let’s see in detail about the Google Pixel 3 setup. The first step is to power on Google Pixel. If you already have an account PIN, then enter in on the Verify Your Account section and tap NEXT. If you have not created it before, then tap the Create your Account PIN option, and select NEXT.
  • In the Setup Wizard, choose the appropriate language, and then tap NEXT. Wait for the activation process to complete, and then set the Wi-Fi connection. Choose your Wi-Fi network, enter the password in the respected field, and touch CONNECT. Now your pixel will search for updates. Tap Next to copy apps & data from your old phone.
  • If you don’t want to copy the data from the old phone, then tap DON’T COPY. In the next screen, you are prompted to enter your Google account details like the email and password. Enter the required information and tap NEXT & I AGREE.
  • Now the Welcome screen shows, tap the ACCEPT button to agree with the services provided by Google.
  • In the Additional Legal Terms wizard screen, tap I ACCEPT. For security reasons, you are supposed to set up the fingerprint sensor with Pixel Imprint. Tap Next, set your fingerprint sensor. Type a security PIN and tap NEXT.
  • Re-enter the same PIN to confirm it. Once your fingerprint sensor is added to the list, tap NEXT & CONTINUE. If you want to enable the Assistant Voice Match feature, then tap I AGREE, and perform the setup instructions on the screen.
  • Tap the Finish button. To set the Squeeze feature for Google Assistant, tap NEXT. Get in touch with the Assistant at any time. Make sure to tap the NEXT button whenever a selection made.
  • Later, if you want to change the Squeeze settings, then go to the SETTINGS section, and do it. Tap the TURN ON option to enable the always-on display feature. Finally, tap ALL SET. Now the entire How to Set Up Pixel 3 is complete.