How to Set Up My Roku

The setup procedure is similar for almost all the Roku devices. After the device is shipped, the first step is to set it up. Simple guidelines for How to Set Up My Roku device are provided here on this site.

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How to Set Up My Roku

Quick Steps on How to Set Up the Roku Device

Simple 8 Steps to Set Up the Roku Streaming Device

  1. Check whether your Roku device is a player or a stick.
  2. Connect your Roku device to the HDMI port located on your television.
  3. Take note of the HDMI port number to which you have linked the device.
  4. Insert the other terminal of the device into a wall socket or outlet that is functioning properly.
  5. Power On your TV.
  6. Tap the Video or Source button and choose the HDMI slot.
  7. Set up Roku by performing the on-screen steps.
  8. Activate Roku using the activation code. How to Set Up My Roku process ends here.

Brief Procedure for Setting Up the Roku Device

  • First, check what type of Roku device you have bought. Roku is available as Player and Stick. Locate the HDMI port; it will be found at the rear of your HDTV. If you are using a Roku player, connect one end of the HDMI cord into its box and the other end to your television.
  • For Roku Stick, insert the HDMI connector between the Roku Stick and the TV’s rear. All the HDTVs have many HDMI ports. If your TV has multiple HDMI ports, note the port number to which your Roku device is connected. Plug either the Roku stick or the player into an electrical socket or a wall outlet using the shipped power cable.
  • Now, switch On your HDTV by force pressing the Power button. Press the Source, Video, or Input button on your TV remote and then select the appropriate HDMI slot to which the Roku device is connected. Utilize the arrow buttons present on the remote to scroll through the list of available languages.
  • Find the desired language and then tap the OK button. Choose the Scan again option to see all networks option and press OK.
  • Locate the name of your Wireless Fidelity network and highlight it, and then tap the OK option. Make use of the on-screen keyboard to type the password of your Wi-Fi network.
  • When instructed, press OK. After the Roku device bridges with the Internet, you will be prompted to download the newest software. Verify all the display settings and if needed, set up your Roku remote. Start the activation process after the five-digit code displays on your TV. Open the official site by typing its link in the search bar of any browser.
  • In the text field available at the middle of the window, enter the five-digit activation code. A blue button named Submit will be found below the text box; select it. Fill out all the on-screen fields such as your email ID, password, and other information.
  • Type your preferred payment information when instructed. After you have added a payment method, you might be prompted to confirm the email address of your account. Once the device is activated, you can start using it for streaming your favorite shows on your TV.For more information about How to Set Up My Roku connect with our expert.
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