How to Set Up Kodi

An open source media player that is available for free is Kodi. The app is mainly used for entertainment purposes. You can share and stream any content such as movie or video using the Kodi tool. The procedure on how to Set Up Kodi application is given on this page.

How to Set Up Kodi

Easy Guidelines For How to Setup Kodi

Easy Procedure on How to Set Up your Kodi Device

  1. Launch a browser on your personal computer and then go to the official web page of Kodi.
  2. Choose the Windows option from the list of compatible platforms.
  3. Check if two options are available for How to Set Up Kodi and installing Kodi on your system.
  4. Select the Windows Store button if you wish to log in with the Microsoft account.
  5. Click the Get the App option and Kodi will launch on your PC.
  6. Choose Installer if you wish to obtain an executable file.
  7. Run the Installer on your desktop.
  8. Start using the Kodi app after it is installed.

Brief Guidelines for Setting Up the Kodi Device

  • An app that is used for entertainment purpose is referred to as Kodi.
  • Install Kodi on Mac operating system: Start a browser and then go to the manufacturer’s website. Choose the Mac OS from the list of platforms. After the Installer gets downloaded, extract the required disk image by double-clicking on the file that is downloaded.
  • Drag and then paste the app into the Applications folder on your Mac computer. Now, select and then launch the Kodi app. If your Mac system opens an Instruction window stating that it won’t launch apps from unknown devices, turn Off the feature by selecting the Apple icon.
  • Go to the System Preferences tab and click the Security and Privacy option. The Unlock option will be available on the bottom left corner, choose it. Select the Allow button and then begin utilizing the Kodi app.
  • Launch the Kodi app on Android phone: On your mobile, navigate to the Google Play Store. Enter Kodi in the search box and then tap the Search button. Select the first result as it will be the official Kodi app.
  • Touch the Install button and the download will begin automatically. Once the download ends, launch the Kodi application. To install the Kodi application manually, turn On the installation from Unknown Sources feature.
  • Switch to the Settings section on your mobile and enable the Installation from Unknown Sources option. Navigate to the Kodi page and select the Kodi for Android option. The app will get downloaded, install the same.
  • In Android TV Boxes, make sure to install the ES File Explorer app. Now, move to the Settings menu on your television and select System, and then click on the Developer Options button. Now, a screen will open showing you how to enable the Download from Unknown Sources option.
  • Begin the ES File Explorer app. After the application opens, navigate to the Tools section and then click the Download Manager option. Choose New and type on How to Set Up Kodi. Select Download Now and the app gets downloaded.
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