How to Set Up HP 8600 Wireless Printer?

To set up the HP 8600 wireless printer, you have to connect it to a network. Establish a wireless connection to your devices and install the printer software on your computer. The guidance provided in this document below will help you to set up the HP wireless printer.

How to Set Up HP 8600 Wireless Printer

Easy Guidelines For Set Up HP 8600 Wireless Printer

The Quick Steps to Establish a Wireless Connection to your HP 8600 Printer

  1. Download the printer driver software for your printer from online.
  2. Collect the network requirements like the network name and passphrase.
  3. Power up the devices and connect them all to the same wireless network.
  4. Hit on Wireless icon and then on the Settings icon on the printer’s touch panel.
  5. Prefer Wireless Setup Wizard as the connection type.
  6. Pick your network name from the list.
  7. Enter the name manually if you cannot find the SSID on the list.
  8. Touch Done and then tap OK.

The Extensive Procedure to Setup HP 8600 Wireless Printer

  • To work with any printer, you need to perform the setup procedure first. You can connect a printer to a network and establish a wireless connection if the printer supports.
  • To set up, the HP 8600 printer and install the printer driver software. The next step is to prepare for installation. All your devices should be turned on that is the printer, computer, and the router.
  • Collect the network name or the SSID, and security passphrase (WEP or WPA key). Confirm that the computer in which you are going to install the driver should be connected to a network.
  • HP recommends using a broadband connection, and it is important to note that to a wireless connection to be successful all the devices should be to the same network. Place your printer near the router until the process is complete.
  • If you have connected any USB or Ethernet cable, remove them all and reinsert them only when the screen prompts you. If you previously installed the printer software through a USB connection, you can turn it into a wireless connection.
  • Proceed with the procedure below. Open the Control Panel on your Windows computer and go to Devices & Printers. Locate your device from the list and open the printer driver. Click on the Utilities option and choose Printer Setup & Software Selection.
  • Left-click on Convert a USB connected printer to wireless or Connect a new printer and this sentence may vary depending on the version of the software.
  • The connection would have been established now, and you can start working with your wireless printer. In case if you are initiating a new wireless connection then, process it with a built-in setup wizard.
  • View the printer’s touch panel and hit the Wireless icon. On the resulting Wireless summary page, touch the Settings Icon and then on Wireless Setup Wizard. Touch your network name from the list or manually enter the SSID.
  • Enter the WEP or WPA passphrase when the screen prompts. The passphrase is case-sensitive that is the lower case, and upper case is distinct. Click Done and then on OK. The wireless setup is complete. I am sure the above-detailed procedure will be informative how to setup HP 8600 printer.
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