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How to Set Up Homegroup Network in Windows 10 System

Create a Homegroup network from the control panel to start the setup process. The Homegroup network will allow you to connect more than two computers at a time. You can share any files using the Homegroup option. Go with the instructions given below How to Set Up Homegroup Network in Windows 10 System.

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How to Set Up Homegroup Network in Windows 10 System

Easy Guidelines For How to Set Up Homegroup Network in Windows 10 System

Eight Steps to Set Up a Homegroup Network in Windows

  1. Click the Window icon and double-click the Control Panel option.
  2. Tap the Network & Internet icon and click the Home Group option from the right pane.
  3. Select the Change Network Location link option.
  4. Tap the Yes button to save the option.
  5. Tap the Create a Homegroup button to create a new network.
  6. Click Join Now to connect an existing Homegroup network.
  7. Choose the items from the list you wish to share.
  8. Click Next. Enter a network password in the entry field and tap Next again.

Learn in Detail About Homegroup Network Setup in Windows 10

  • Before you start the setup process, ascertain that your devices have Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) set up. If Internet Protocol Version is not running on the device, then follow the instructions given below. On your system, open Power User by using the key combo Windows + X, and click the Network Connection option.
  • Now the screen displays the list of the installed network adapters. Right-click on yours. Select the Properties option from the menu list. Tap Networking, checkmark the box near the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). Click the OK button. Now, start the Homegroup network setup process. Right-click on the Windows icon. Select the Control Panel option.
  • Choose the Network & Internet option on the Control Panel. You will find the Homegroup option at the right pane of the screen, click on it, and wait for the HomeGroup window to open. In the Homegroup page, you can change the network location. Click the Change Network Location link option.
  • Now, tap the Yes button to save the settings you made. When you connect a new wireless network, Windows will consider it a public network and does not allow you to share it with anyone.
  • To change it into the private network, click either Create a Homegroup or Join Now.
  • Now a pop-up message appears on the screen asking What items you’d like to share. Choose the network type as Private when prompted. Choose the items you wish to share from the list and click the Next button. Enter the Homegroup network password if you use an existing network for sharing.
  • If you click the Create a Homegroup option, make sure to note the password displayed at the closing screen. Type this password into each computer you want to share the files, and then follow the instructions displayed on the screen to conclude the installation.
  • After entering the password, click the Finish button to complete the How to Set Up Homegroup Network in Windows 10 System process. To change the content sharing option in Homegroup, click the Change option in the Homegroup link, select the Sharing option from the drop-down menu, then click Next, and tap Finish.
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