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How to Set Up Facebook Advertising Account

Creating a Facebook Advertising account will let you promote your business, and you will witness good growth. You can post your company’s ads and events. Co-workers will also get a glimpse of what is happening in the office. Your partners or client agencies can also connect with you via Facebook. The below given steps will help you how to Set Up Facebook Advertising Account .

How to Set Up Facebook Advertising Account

Easy Guidelines For How to Set Up Facebook Advertising Account

Quick Solution on How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Account

  1. Navigate to the business.facebook.com page.
  2. Log in using your personal Facebook account in the next step.
  3. Create a new business account once you sign in.
  4. Enter your business name and create a profile.
  5. Make use of the Request Access, Claim Access, Add New options to set up the business account.
  6. Add people to your business manager account.
  7. Confirm your account and specify the payment details.

Detailed Solution on How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Account

  • To create a Facebook Ad account, you should first create a business manager account. Make use of the guidelines given here to create an account successfully.
  • Open a browser on your computer and navigate to Facebook. You have to log in through your personal Facebook account. This is done to confirm your identity.
  • People in your business group will not be able to access your personal profile unless they are friends with you outside the business.
  • Go to business.facebook.com.
  • The succeeding screen will prompt you to create a business manager account. The Facebook business manager account gives you a lot of benefits.
  • The succeeding step is to enter a Business Name for your account. Make sure you use higher-case letters when needed. Check if there are spelling mistakes after specifying the name.
  • With the help of the business manager account, you can manage your ad accounts, assign roles to employees, and improve your business through advertising. You can connect with other ad accounts when required.
  • Create a profile in the next step. A form will be displayed on the next screen. You have to fill in your:
    1. First Name:
    2. Last Name:
    3. Your Business Email:
  • It can be of your choice. Click the Finish button after you enter the details.
  • In the proceeding screen, click the Go to Setup Guide button. You will notice three options in the next window namely Request Access, Claim Access, and Add New.
how to set up a facebook advertising account
  • Request access: When you request access, the owner will still hold administrative control.
  • Claim Access:This request will give you the entire Administrative access. You can claim access to three attributes: Page, Ad Account, and App. Use any option according to your choice.
  • With the help of the Add New option , you can add a new page, account, people, product catalogs, and payment methods.
  • Click the Arrow mark near the Add New option and choose the Ad Accounts option.
  • Enter the:
    1. Ad Account Name
    2. Advertising on Behalf of
    3. Time Zone
    4. Currency
    5. Payment Method
  • Tap the Create Ad Account button at the end of the form. Start adding people to your Ad Account.
  • In the Ad Account Created screen, tap OK to confirm the creation of an Ad account and your account verification will be over.
  • Specify your payment details and start advertising with your Facebook Ad Account. Easy Guidelines with How to Set Up Facebook Advertising Account steps here.
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