How to Set Up a Turntable

To set up a new turntable device, you need to unbox it as per the guided instructions. A turntable is a musical device that plays music and vinyl records. The turntable setup process is easy. You can do it manually. Follow the guided instructions given below how to Set Up a Turntable the device.

How to Set Up a Turntable

Easy Guidelines For How to Set Up a Turntable

Eight Simple & Easy Steps to Set up the Turntable Device

  1. Take the Turntable from the package and keep it on a table.
  2. Check if the package contains all the components needed for the setup.
  3. Take the connector cable out of the package.
  4. Connect the connector cable into the Turntable.
  5. Make sure to connect the connector cable into the correct channel.
  6. Balance the tonearm using the counterweight. Place it in position.
  7. Make sure that tonearm is correctly balanced.
  8. Place the platter, connect the power cable, and turn on the turntable.

Learn in Detail About How to Set Up the Turntable Device

  • Start the turntable set up a process by unboxing it. You can find a user manual, interconnect cable, anti-skating weight, toner app, belt, platter and the turntable inside the package.
  • Check if all the setup components are available inside the package. If any material is missing inside the box, then return the turntable to the manufacturer and get a new one.
  • Take the turntable out of the package and place it on a table. Remove the protective cover from the turntable device. Make sure to recycle all the packing materials. Now, take the interconnect cable out of the package. This cable has a connector for the right channel, a left channel, and a ground wire.
  • Connect the connector cable into the turntable. Connect the right channel into the red one and the ground wire cable into the middle of the screw. Connect the cable to the amplifier or receiver. The next step is to balance the counterweight. Take the adjuster out of the box and fix it at the back of the turntable.
  • Gently, turn the turntable until it moves back & forward. Take the twist tie out of the tonearm and balance the counterweight. Adjust tonearm to the middle point. If the tonearm stops floating in the air, then it means that the tonearm is adjusted correctly. Double check the tonearm and then move to the next step.
  • Now take the anti-skating weight adjuster from the accessory box. The anti-skating weight is a small device; you can find it in a little Ziploc bag. Place the weight in the middle of the three grooves.
  • Now, hang that little rod of the tonearm and moves it towards the center of the racket. Make sure that you have set the anti-skate weight correctly. The next step is to put the belt on the motor. Once you do so, rotate the motor to check if it is placed successfully.
  • Now, take the platter out of the fabric package, put it on the stepladder and the felt mat. The basic on How to Set Up a Turntable is complete. Now, connect one end of the power wire to the AC outlet and the other end to the back of the turntable. The turntable starts to play.
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