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How to Set Up a Hotspot on your Computer

The Wireless Hotspots is also known as wireless access points. It is used as a public connection which permits access to mobile phones and laptops. Use this feature when you are away from the office or home. For authentication purposes, use the password to establish the connection to a network. Follow below instructions on How to Set Up a Hotspot on your Computer.

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How to Set Up a Hotspot on your Computer

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What is the Method to Set Up a Hotspot on your Android Device?

  1. Turn on your Android device.
  2. Unlock the phone using the PIN or FingerPrint lock.
  3. Navigate to the Settings option on the screen.
  4. Tap the More option for other Network Settings.
  5. Touch Tethering and Portable Hotspot.
  6. Tap the Set UP Wi-FI Hotspot icon.
  7. Choose the network name from the list.
  8. Fill the password in its tab.
  9. Touch Connect to establish a network connection.

Guidelines to Set Up a Hotspot on Various Versions of Windows and Mac OS

  • If you are using a Windows 7 operating system, move to the System Tray icon. Access the Open Network and Sharing Center option from the list of available menus. Select Set Up a New Connection or Network. This option is available under the Change your Network Settings.
  • In the bottom of the list, click Set up a wireless ad hoc. Wait until the Wireless Ad Hoc Network Wizard displays on the screen. Select Next. provide an Ad-Hoc name for the network and type a unique password for authentication. The process takes a few seconds o complete. The Ad-hoc network can be used.
  • Select the System Tray icon. Select the Network and Sharing Center Change Adapter Settings Allow other networks to connect using this system’s Internet connection OK. Share this network connection with other laptops and mobiles.
  • If the operating system on your system is Windows 10, press the Windows and I keys on your keyboard. Select Network and Internet in the Settings page of the screen. Choose the Mobile Hotspot option under the Internet page.
  • Activate the Share My Internet Connection with other devices option. You can change the network name and password by selecting the Edit option.
  • You can also make use of the command prompt to set up a hotspot on your Windows. Type netsh WLAN show drivers on the cmd. Check if the Hosted Network Supported option is enabled. All the network credentials change successfully. Select the Mode option under the Hosted Network Settings. You can find the Allowed option and then follow the same procedure How to Set Up a Hotspot on your Computer.
  • If you are using a Mac system, link the Mac system via an Ethernet network. Choose the System Preferences option. Select the Sharing option under the menu. Assign the username and password to unlock the Settings option.
  • After the connection is established, select the Internet Sharing option. Enable the Wi-Fi option to configure the network connection. Type the required details in the network and click OK. Assign a password for the sharing network and click OK.
  • Once the network is established, other devices surrounding the network will be able to connect to the shared network.
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