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How To Set Up A Focus On Mac?

As the name says, Focus lets you focus on important things by minimizing distractions. You can silence or pause all notifications or allow only certain important notifications. For example, allow notifications from colleagues on an urgent project and silence notifications from annoying colleagues. Be more productive with a Focus! .To use all the features of a Focus, you must set it up on your Mac. If you are not clear on how to do it, we will help you. This article is about how to set up a Focus on your Mac.

How To Set Up A Focus On Mac


  • Turn on your Mac.
  • Choose Apple menu –> System Preferences.
  • Click Notifications & Focus.
  • Choose Focus.

Now, you can customize your Focus settings. Follow the steps provided here to do the same.

To use an existing Focus:

  • Choose the + (Add) icon at the bottom of the Focus list.
  • Now, select a Focus, such as Gaming or Work.

To create a custom Focus:

  • Click the + button and then choose Custom.
  • Give a name, select color, and icon.
  • Click Add.

Example: You may create a Study Focus. Up to ten Foci can be created.

To change a custom Focus:

  • Click the Focus you wish to change from the list.
  • Click the Edit option at the bottom of the Focus list.
  • Edit the name, color, or icon and click Done.

To remove a Focus:

  • Choose the Focus you wish to remove.
  • Click Remove at the bottom of the Focus list.

Note: If you remove a custom Focus, it will be deleted. If you are removing a provided Focus, such as Reading or Mindfulness, it will be removed from the list and available to add again later.

How To Set Up A Focus On Mac System


Cheers! You have complete control to choose which notification to be allowed when a Focus is active. You can allow notifications from certain people and apps, notifications for phone calls, or time-sensitive notifications.

  • Go to the Apple menu –> System Preferences.
  • Click Notifications & Focus.
  • Click Focus and choose a Focus.
  • Go to the Allowed Notifications From list to perform any of the changes.

To allow notifications from certain people:

  • Click People –> + icon and select one or more contacts. For example, if you choose Gaming Focus, you can select the friends you usually play with.
  • Select the person and click the Remove icon (minus symbol) to remove a contact from the list.

To allow notifications from certain apps:

  • Select Apps, click the + icon, and choose one or more apps you want. For example, if you have chosen the Work Focus, you can allow notifications from your work apps.
  • To remove an application from the list, choose the app and click the Remove icon (minus symbol).

To allow sensitive notifications:

  • Click Options, and then select Allow time-sensitive notifications.
  • Note: You also need to enable the notification preferences option that allows apps to send these notifications.

To allow notifications for phone calls:

  • Click Options –> Allow calls from.
  • Select the pop-up menu and choose an option. You can choose to receive notifications for calls from everyone, a specific group in contacts, or people in your Favourites list on your iPhone.

To allow notifications for repeated calls:

  • Click Options –> Allow repeated calls. This lets notifications from anyone who repeatedly calls for two or more times within three minutes.

Note: When a Bluetooth game controller is connected with your Mac, then by default, the Gaming Focus is set to turn on. So, make sure to specify the people or apps to receive notifications when the Gaming Focus is on.

How To Set Up A Focus On Mac – EXTRAS

  • Scheduling a Focus: If you are too busy to turn on a Focus manually, then this feature is for you. Yes! You are allowed to schedule a Focus to turn on or off automatically. You can turn on or off at certain times, when you reach or leave a location, or immediately after opening or closing specific apps.
  • Share your Focus status: There is an option to let apps indicate to contacts (who send a message to you) that you’ve silenced notifications. If there is something really important, they can choose to notify you.

So, this is how you have to set up a Focus on your Mac. We hope you enjoy this article as well as the Focus feature.


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