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How To Search Youtube Using Advanced Search Operators?

People spend many hours on YouTube, searching and watching their favorite videos. After you watch one video, you would get plenty of recommendations from Google. In case you want to watch important news or a particular reality program, you sometimes struggle to find the exact video you want to watch and end up watching other unnecessary videos. There are advanced search options on YouTube to help you find a particular video. Read more to know how To Search Youtube Using Advanced Search Operators

How To Search Youtube Using Advanced Search Operators

1. Use keywords

If you cannot remember the entire name of the program or channel name, do not worry. YouTube can guide you through this. Enter a keyword that you remember from the whole program name and see the suggestions provided. Google software has a list of most searched words and videos. Therefore, it can easily find it and suggests accordingly.

2. The filters can help

When you have no idea about a program name, you can still limit the browsing volume by using the YouTube filters. This enables you to refine the search using the Upload Date, Duration, Features, and Type. You can find the filter icon on the right side of the search bar once you tap the search bar.

3. Use the filter as operator

Sometimes, setting the filter for searching each video can be a little annoying. So YouTube has another easier way to work as the filters. You can enter the filter with a comma separating them like “laptop, month, long, only 4K”. To add/remove the videos related to a keyword from the search result, type “+ keyword” to add the search results and “- keyword” to remove the results for this keyword.

4. The double quotes are useful

The search results may not have the videos for the exact keyword which you have entered. Instead, only the videos relevant to the keyword would appear. If you want the video with the same keyword, enter the keyword within the double quotes like “keyword.” This way, you can avoid the results that are related to the keyword and focus only on the videos having the exact keyword.

We have learned how To Search Youtube Using Advanced Search Operators.

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