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How To Screen Record On Windows 10?

There is a built-in video capture tool known as Game Bar on your Windows 10 computer. Using this tool you can screen record on Windows 10 during your gaming sessions. You can utilize the tool/utility to also record any non-gaming apps as well.

How To Screen Record On Windows 10

Make Use Of The Game Bar

  • Record the games that you play directly on your computer
  • Record the games that you stream from Xbox One
  • Capture screen activities from any of your web browsers
  • Capture any of your Windows apps

Steps To Enable Screen Record On Windows 10

  • First, you need to confirm that the Game Bar is enabled.
  • Navigate to Settings and go to the Gaming section.
  • Click on the Game Bar option.
  • On the Game Bar screen that appears next, you will find the Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar option with a toggle switch under it.
  • If you find that this toggle switch is in the Off position, turn it On. Otherwise, just let it be.
  • Now, open the app that you want to record. You have the facility to record almost all your apps, except a few. For instance, you cannot record the Windows desktop, the File Explorer, or the Weather app.
  • Next, press the Windows key and the G key to open the Game Bar. You will see that a number of widgets pop up on your screen.
  • You could also view the details such as the name of the current file, app, or window as the source for your video capturing.
  • Now, you can click on the Camera icon to get a screenshot. If you wish to capture your screen activity, click on the Start Recording button to screen record on Windows 10.
  • If you are recording for the first time, select the checkbox beside the Enable gaming features for this app to record gameplay option.
  • Once again, you need to click on the Start Recording button.
  • The video capturing will now begin.
  • When the Game Bar widgets disappear, you can control your recording using the floating bar at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • You should click on the Recording button on this floating bar to stop the screen recording.
  • You will now find a notification stating that your game clip (or any other application) has been recorded. You can click on this notification to go to the location where your recorded file is saved.
  • Double-click the recorded file to run it.
  • You also have the facility of changing your location (where the recorded file is saved). To do the same, go to Settings Gaming Captures. Then, click on the Open Folder button and then select a different folder. You have now seen the steps to screen record on Windows 10.
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