How To Scan With Doxie? [Simple Steps]

Doxie is a portable scanner that is used to scan documents, photos, and receipts from any location. Like other scanners in the market, the Doxie scanner does not need any computer to perform the scanning function. Just charge it up and you are good to go (400 scans per charge). The scanner does not require any particular driver to convert the physical document into a digital copy. Doxie stores all your scanned documents to an included SD card (8GB) – just like a digital camera (DSLR). In the below segments, we have described the Doxie scanner setup. Do check it out.

How To Scan With Doxie

Charge Your Scanner Battery:

As part of the initial setup, you need to charge the battery. Follow the procedure given below to do the same.

  • Plug Doxie into the USB port of your computer for an initial charge cycle.
  • While charging, Doxie‘s Power light will turn orange and will turn off when the battery is fully charged.
  • The battery will take a few hours to charge completely.
  • Once fully or partially charged, disconnect the Doxie scanner from your PC.

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Doxie Scanner Setup:

  • Hold the Power button on the scanner for a few seconds.
  • When the light stops blinking, Doxie is ready to perform.
  • Insert the document to the left, face up, and keep it level.

Tip: Avoid using foreign objects and things that may stick to the image sensor.

Wait patiently until the Doxie scanner starts feeding the document automatically.

Tip: If Doxie starts to feed the document before you insert the page completely, remove it and try again.

  • If you want to scan the other side of the page, just flip the document over and insert it again.
  • You can scan in any order as you can organize the scanned documents later.

Note: To save energy, turn off the Doxie scanner when not in use.

Download The Software:

  • When you are about to import the scanned images to your computer, try to download Doxie’s companion software on your Windows or Mac computer.

Note: OS Requirements – Mac: OS X 10.11 or later, Windows: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

  • The software helps optimize the scans, sends them to the cloud, creates PDFs, and does much more.

Note: For mobile users, Doxie has its official application. Download the application to utilize the scanner to the fullest.

Steps To Import The Scanned Document Into Your Pc:

  • Launch the Doxie application on your PC.
  • Connect the Doxie scanner via a USB cable and turn it on.
  • Click the Import button to start the transferring process.
  • Once the photos or documents are transferred, you can unplug the device.
  • There is yet another way to transfer data. You can insert the SD card into your PC’s SD card slot to transfer the data.

Note: You also have the option of sending the scanned copies to cloud apps like Dropbox, OneNote, Evernote, and iCloud Drive.

So, by following the above steps, you can easily scan any document and import it into your network device. If you have any doubts regarding the scanner setup, call us to solve all your queries.


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