How to scan to computer on canon printer

The scanned data of your documents or photos can be sent to the computer, email, or memory device. Check whether you have installed the MP drivers, and make sure the printer is connected to the machine properly. Follow the steps below to scan your documents and send the scanned data to your computer.

Scanning from Canon printer to computer

  1. Power ON your Canon printer and computer.
  2. Open the scanner unit and place a document on the platen.
  3. Start the IJ Scan Utility on your computer and click Auto.
  4. Modify the scan settings in the printer.
  5. Select the type of media loaded on the platen glass. The document will be scanned to your computer.
  6. Place the document on the platen and start ScanGear to scan using it (basic mode).
  7. Preview your document and set a destination.
  8. Adjust the size and frame of the document. Now, click Scan.

Detailed instructions for scanning documents from the printer to your computer

  1. Power on your printer and wait until it completes its warm-up period. Ascertain that the printer is connected properly to your computer via USB or network.
  2. Open the Scanner lid and place a document on the platen glass. The printed side of the document should face the glass.
  3. Make sure you have installed IJ scan Utility on your computer. Open the Utility option and click Auto. Click the Settings option to change the paper size, resolution, and PDF settings.
  4. Select the type of media loaded in your printer. Click Documents or Photo in IJ Scan Utility. The scanned data will automatically be sent to your computer.
  5. You can also scan your documents using the ScanGear program (basic mode). Load the document or photo that you want to scan onto the platen and start ScanGear. Set the Select Source to match the document.
  6. Click Preview to view the scanned form of your document. Choose a destination for saving your scanned data. Make changes to the scan settings if required.
  7. Modify the size and frame of the document. Click Scan. The printer will now automatically scan your documents to the computer.
  8. Alternately, lift the scanner lid and place the document on the platen glass. Click Start and select All Programs on the Windows computer. Choose the Windows Fax and Scan option and click Scan.
  9. Select the New Scan option on the secondary blue menu and click the Profile drop-down menu. Adjust the scan settings such as color, scan type, resolution, brightness, and other settings.
  10. Click Preview to view the scanned form of your document before you scan your document. Click Scan to scan your image to your computer.