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How to Scan on HP Deskjet 2510 Printer

Read the steps below and get the solution to scan on HP Deskjet 2510. The printer supports different program to scan. You can download the free software from the website and make the most of the scan feature of your HP printer.

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How to Scan on HP DeskJet 2510 printer

Easy Guidelines For HP Deskjet 2510 Scan Setup

The Quick Steps to Scan on HP Deskjet 2510 Printer

  1. Install the full-featured driver on your system.
  2. Slide the original document to be scanned on the scanner glass with scan side down.
  3. Press the Scan button.
  4. Identify your printer from the list of printers displayed.
  5. Preview the document after the scanning is done.
  6. Name the file and the default location using the HP Printer Assistant.
  7. Open the HP assistant on Windows and click on Scan a Document or Photo.
  8. Make changes to the default scan settings in the scan application.

The Elaborate Steps to Scan using HP Deskjet 2510 Printer on your Device

  • The following steps contain steps to scan on HP Deskjet 2510 printer in your computer. You have to install the latest driver on your system in order to connect with the printer.
  • If you install a full-featured software, the HP easy Scan app installs along with it. You can download the Scan app from the App store, and the on-screen instructions direct you to install the app without complications.
  • To begin scanning, lift the lid of the printer’s scanner. Place the scanning material that is a document or a photo on the scanner glass. Note that the scan side should be facing down.
  • You can also load the document in ADF that is, Automatic Document Feeder. Do not load photos in ADF as it may damage the original photo.
  • Press the scan button or else tap on the Scan icon on the touch panel. Pick out the name of your computer from the list and select the job type.
  • Examine the computer screen to view the scanned document. To modify specific changes to the scan settings, open the HP Easy Scan application on your computer.
  • Search for the application and double-click to launch the same. From the drop-down menu of the scanner, select your printer’s name. Identify the Presets menu and select the scan job type.
  • Click on Scan again. In the left panel, find a thumbnail and click on it. You can alter the colors, straighten the scan, or crop the size by clicking on Edit option.
  • Once the editing is done, you have to save the scan. The Send button is at the bottom right corner of the screen click on it and then select Folder.
  • In the Prefix field, enter the filename and then choose the file location by browsing. The default file format will be PDF, and you can also change to other formats. Use the quality dragger and set the quality of the document.
  • Mark the checkbox to store all the items to a single file and click Save for the last time. The scanned document will be saved as per the settings you made. There are several other application is available for scanning in Hp DeskJet 2510 printer like HP Smart App, HP Scan and Capture app, Windows Scan app, MS Paint, Apple Image Capture, HP Scan Software. Using the above-given procedure, you can successfully scan on HP Deskjet 2510 printer.
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