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How to scan on canon printer?

The document contains solution for how to scan document on Canon printer. The Scan feature on the Canon Printer enables quick scanning of physical documents into your personal devices as soft copies. The scan feature supports both color and black & white scan from original documents. The scan feature can be initiated using the following procedure, for scanning all type of files.

How To Scan On Canon Printer

Simple Guidelines For Canon Printer Scan Setup

Steps to scan from Canon printer

  1. Power up the computer and Canon printer by connecting the power cord to a direct wall socket.
  2. Ensure that the driver and software are installed on your computer.
  3. Install the printer software either using the CD or downloading from the website.
  4. Establish a connection between the printer and the computer.
  5. Place down the document that has to be scanned, on the platen glass.
  6. Open the Canon software in your computer and click on Scan to scan using the printer.
  7. Choose the document and click on the Scan option.
  8. Once the printer completes scanning, preview and save the document.

Detailed steps to scan from the Canon printer

  • Read the procedure given below to get solution to scan on Canon printer. Documents can be easily scanned using the inbuilt scanner feature of Canon printers. The scanner can be utilized to scan all types of pictures and documents. Power up the Canon printer and your device.
  • Connect the devices using a wired or wireless connection as per the availability of connected components. Make sure that the drivers and the Scanner Application are installed on your host computer.
  • Open the Canon scanner application on your computer. Ensure that you are using the latest version of the software to get access to the latest features. The updated version of the software can be downloaded from our website for your respective operating system.Once the driver is updated you can scan on Canon printer
  • Open the scanner cover and place the file to be scanned on the platen glass. Ensure that the glass is clean and the paper is placed properly on the glass before initiating the scan operation.
  • On the scanner application, click on the Scan option and choose the file type.
  • Once the file type is chosen, click on Scan option again and wait for the scanner to start scanning the document.
  • Wait until the scan operation gets completed. The software on the computer will now show the preview of the scanned document. Examine the preview of the scanned document for any changes or corrections.
  • The file type for saving the document is to be selected now. Choose the desired file type and opt for the destination folder. Now click on the Save option. The file now gets saved in the destination folder.
  • The file can also be scanned using the control panel on the Canon printer(if available). Touch the Scan option or Scan button after placing the document on the platen glass.
  • Select the Scan to Computer option using the control panel and choose the computer to which the scan is to be done. The computer that is connected to a printer will be displayed here.
  • Click on Scan again and complete the scan of the placed file. The file now gets automatically saved in the chosen computer. The guidelines will let you to complete the scan on Canon printer.
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