How to Scan HP Envy 5660 Printer

To Scan on HP Envy 5660 printer you need to install the latest printer driver on your computer. Visit the official site and download the latest driver that is compatible with the verision of your OS. Read the document below for more information.

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How to scan HP Envy 5660

Easy Guidelines For HP Envy 5660 Scan Setup

The Quick Steps to Scan on HP Envy 5660 Printer

  1. Install the computer with the full-featured printer software.
  2. Feed the original document with the print side up.
  3. Open the HP Envy printer software in the computer.
  4. Find the Scan button and by clicking on it, select Scan a Document or Photo.
  5. Click Save as PDF as the scan type to save the scanned item as PDF.
  6. Click Save as JPEG to save the scanned items in the photo format.
  7. Edit the scanned document when it is previewed on the computer screen.
  8. Turn on the Show viewer After Scan option.

The Elaborate Procedure to Scan on HP Envy 5660 Printer

  • The quick procedure gives you the basic procedure to scan using the HP Envy 5660 printer. You can also scan to email using the local email client (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird) installed in the computer for both Windows and Mac.
  • The web-based clients (Gmail, Yahoo) acts as a transfer medium which must be configured through the local clients. The scanned documents can also be attached manually to the email if no HP Envy 5660 scan to email option is available on your printer.
  • The scanned file can be sent in any format like PDF, JPEG. You can also use the ADF feature if your printer supports it to scan multiple pages simultaneously.  The hp envy 5660 scan to email requires an active internet connection is required.
  • After the driver is installed, there is an option Setup Scan to Folder and Email. Click the Start option and select All Programs.
  • Click HP and choose the name of your printer. Click Scan to E-mail Wizard and the Outgoing Email Profiles dialog box opens.
  • Click the New button. Enter the sender’s name and the email address on the required fields. Enter a four digit in the PIN Field, re-enter and confirm the PIN. This PIN should be entered on the printer’s control panel before the printer sends an email.
  • Enter the User ID and password if the SMTP server requires authentication to send an email. Click Next, the Finish page opens. Select Save and Test button to test the configuration. A congratulations message displays, click Finish to complete the configuration.
  • Depending upon your printer model, attach the scan to your email with the options available on the printer’s control panel or use the HP can software from your PC or Laptop.
  • The scan procedure is complete now. There are possibilities that your scan may not work. Ensure that the internet connection is working.
  • Restart the printer. Ensure that the power cord is connected to the outlet and not to surge protector or strip.
  • Close all the running programs on your computer and shut down it.
  • Turn ON the printer and the computer. Try to scan.
  • For wireless connection, make sure the wireless light on the printer’s control panel is ON and steady. Use the HP Print and Scan doctor tool to solve any scanning issues that occur in the printer.
  • Check if the drivers are outdated. Uninstall the previously printer driver and restart the computer. You have to reinstall the driver by downloading the driver from our website and install it. Temporarily disable the firewall software on the computer. Try using another IP address on the network. Now check if HP Envy 5660 scan is working.
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