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How to Scan HP Deskjet 3634 Printer

To scan using the HP DeskJet 3634 printer you need to set it up first. Configure the printer and install the necessary software to scan using your HP DJ3634 printer. Read the document below for more How to Scan HP Deskjet 3634 Printer information.

how to scan hp deskjet 3634

Easy Guidelines For HP Deskjet 3634 Scan Setup

The Quick Steps to Scan on the HP Deskjet 3634 Printer

  1. Install the full-featured software and check if it includes HP Easy Scan.
  2. Check if your printer has ADF or else place the document on the scanner glass.
  3. On the control panel press the Scan button.
  4. Choose HP Deskjet 3634 printer when the screen prompts and select the scan type.
  5. Go to the computer and look for the Scan folder.
  6. View the scanned document in the folder.
  7. You can make changes using the HP Easy Scan option.
  8. Make all the editing and click Edit.

The Elaborate Procedure to Scan Using the HP Deskjet 3634 Printer

  • To scan from the printer, do the first time setup. Use the standard procedure to install the full-featured HP printer driver on your computer. The HP Easy Scan is also installed along with the driver software.
  • Go to the official site and go along with directions displayed on the screen to install the HP Scan or HP Easy Scan application. You can download it from the app store. To begin scanning, place the document to be scanned with its scan side down on the HP Deskjet printer’s scanner glass.
  • If you are using Automatic Document Feeder, insert more than one document for scanning. It is recommended not to use ADF for scanning photos. Locate the Scan button on the control panel and press the same to scan.
  • Choose the scan job type and wait until the scan job gets complete. Go back to the computer and the scanned files will be saved under the folder “Scan.”
  • If your Deskjet does not have any scan button then, search Scan on your Mac PC and click HP Easy Scan.
  • When the application opens, select the printer name under the Scanner drop-down menu.
  • You can see a Presets menu, choose the desired job type from it and then click Scan. In the left panel of the scan, window click the thumbnail of the scanned item. Click Edit and modify the colors, alter the scan.
  • The bottom right corner of the window, click Send and then choose Folder. You can now edit the file name in Prefix field and click Save. You can email the scanned document from the control panel of the HP Deskjet 3634 printer.
  • In many cases, the scan to mail feature works only on a local email client. Anyhow you can configure the web-based email account to the local email. While scanning, select Email as PDF option.
  • The email application will open with the scanned document attached to it. You can enter the recipient’s name and click Send. I am sure the above how to Scan HP Deskjet 3634 detailed procedure will be informative to you.
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