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How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on the Samsung Phone?

To retrieve deleted photos on Samsung phones, read the following guidelines. You can use data recovery tools to restore the deleted files from your Android phone. By following the below-given quick steps and elaborate procedure to retrieve deleted photos on Samsung phone.

How to retrieve deleted photos on the Samsung phone

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The Quick Steps to Restore the Deleted Photos on Samsung Phone

  1. Find out where the photos were stored on your Samsung phone.
  2. Detect the image type that has been deleted.
  3. Use DiskDigger program to scan the SD card
  4. Use the card reader and connect your Samsung phone to the computer.
  5. Make the copy of the internal storage to recover in the internal memory.
  6. Check the Google Photos to bring back the images.
  7. Log in to the app using the mail ID and password of your Google account.
  8. Download recovery apps and restore the photos on Samsung phone.

The Detailed Procedure to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung Phone

  • The following procedure gives you knowledge on how to retrieve deleted pictures on the Samsung phone. There are three methods available using which you can recover the deleted pictures on Samsung phone. You can retrieve the deleted photos through Samsung Cloud Backup.
  • Open the Settings on your Android by tapping on the gear icon. If you have done backup very recently, the images will be stored in the Cloud. Scroll down the Settings screen and tap on Cloud and account option. At the top of the page find Samsung Cloud, tap on it.
  • Just below BACKUP and RESTORE Settings, you will discover the Restore option, identify and choose the same. Now scroll down the options and select Photos from it. When you select Photos, all other data will be left untouched. The bottom of the screen will have RESTORE NOW option, tap on it and the cloud backup will begin the restoring process.
  • The process takes some time, and that’s depending on the size of the files. The second method to retrieve photo via Google Cloud Photos. If you have enabled sync with Google Cloud photos, it is for sure that you can find the deleted photos on Cloud.
  • Open the app on your Samsung and search for the photo you want to restore. Look at the top-right corner of the screen for vertical three dots icon and tap on it. Select Save to device from the menu appears.
  • You will not find the optioned above if the image file is already existing in your phone. You can also use third-party recovery apps to retrieve the deleted files.
  • Go to EaseUS MobiSaver download site and click on Free Download option. If you are installing the application on your Windows PC, double-click on the setup file downloaded. Click Finish once the installation is complete.
  • Launch the application and click on the + symbol at the top. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer using a USB cable. Click on Start and the EaseUS app will begin searching for the deleted files on your Android device.
  • The scan may take sometime wait until the process gets complete. Now click on the Gallery tab located at the left of the Window. Choose the photos you want to recover by clicking the checkbox.
  • Click Recover and select the location to save the files. Click OK, and the photos will be restored. By following the above procedure, you can successfully retrieve photos on Samsung phone.
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