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How to Resolve Canon Printer Problems?

The printer might create issues while printing or performing other functions. We have mentioned some troubleshooting steps for you to solve your printing problems by yourself without the need of a technician. Follow the steps mentioned on this page to How to resolve canon printer problems and troubleshoot this issue.

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How to resolve canon printer problems

Easy Guidelines For Resolve Canon Printer Problems

Quick Steps to Fix the Canon Printer Issue

  1. Try restarting the printer.Most of the minor issues are fixed by this.
  2. Make sure the connection is active and stable.
  3. Set your printer as the default printer on your device.
  4. Check the status of the printer software, update the driver if it is outdated.
  5. Make sure the print spooler service is properly running.
  6. Try canceling/ removing all the print jobs from the print queue.
  7. Print using any other application other than the one you are using as default.
  8. Download the application/s from the Internet.

The Elaborate Steps for Fixing the Canon Printer Problems

  • Check if all the cables are properly connected. The power cable, Ethernet cable or the USB cable must be firmly connected.
  • Unplug and then re-plug the cable and check if the printer powers on. Don not use the USB cable while establishing a wireless connection. Check the activity light on the router, if you are using the printer over a wireless network.
  • On a Windows computer, type Control in the search box and click on Control Panel from the search results. The Control Panel window opens.
  • Go to Devices & Printers and right-click on the printer and click on Set as default option from the submenu. Check the status of the printer software.
  • Update the printer driver if there is any version of the software is available on the Internet.
  • Open the Print Spooler service on your computer.
  • You can open this software from the Run command box. Press the Windows and R key together to open the command box. Type services.msc and then press Enter. The Spooler service will manage your print job between your devices.
  • Select the Print Spooler by double-clicking the icon. Set the Startup type as Automatic and ensure that the Service status must be set as Running. Click on OK to apply the changes.
  • If the problem continues, try using a different application to print your document. You can check for other applications on the manufacturer’s Support page.
  • Check the ink or toner levels, replace or refill them if necessary.
  • If you have performed all the above steps and still not able to solve the issue, then perform a hard reset which might ultimately work.
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